Bubblegum Crisis A2Z - I

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ID card
Issued to all ADP officers and visitors, these cards not only identify the wearer, but also allow access to restricted areas and emergency lockers by acting as a keycard.

Illegal Army
European mercenary group known to have operated in South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. They used dubiously-obtained Daimler mobile suits, and were apparently successful until they were wiped out en masse in the Philippines in 2033, where they had been sent by a Japanese corporation (probably the Zone Corporation). The team were rebuilt as boomeroids by Largo's agents, and were sent by him to Mega Tokyo to obtain the parts for a new form of AI. The entire group was destroyed by the Knight Sabers in 2034.
Commanded by Colonel Lando, the other soldiers were Frazier, Brown, Mouri and Rose.

Imperial Hotel
Luxury hotel which Sylia used as a temporary residence while Ladys 633 was being renovated.

Club near the Discovery Hotel.

Insider Trading
Illegally trading in shares with advance knowledge of the company's plans. Linna engaged in it, and as a cop, Nene should have known better than to give her the info...

Instant Enemy
Unfriendly-sounding product.

Insurance Adjuster
Slimy legal type who investigated the death of ADP officer Allis. He had an artificial right hand.

Ironic alias adopted by Reika Chang, while posing as a prostitute in order to kidnap Dr McLaren.

Pasta-oriented meals favoured by Priss.

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