Maintainer's Notes

Nov 1st 2002

I just received an email from Andy "Payndz" McDermott, the creator of the A2Z website. Here is his email:

Well, here's a name from the past!

I was idly putting random things into a Google search, and out of curiosity I decided to see if any of my old BGC stuff might still be floating around the net. Much to my surprise, not only was the BGC A2Z still there, but it had even been updated by other people!

Kind of good for the ego, knowing that somebody had cared enough to take over from me ;)

Should anyone care, which is highly doubtful, I am still around, but changes in job and circumstances have drastically reduced the amount of spare time I have to devote to things like running websites - not least the fact that I'm currently working on my *second* novel. I haven't forgotten BGC though - all the 2040 DVDs are now sitting on my shelf, and on a recent trip to the States to annoy John Travolta (I'm a film journalist) I managed to track down the Crash! DVD while I was there, so I've got the lot. And despite demands on my affections by Amy from Futurama (another website of mine that hasn't been updated in a long time), all my computers at home and at work are still called Nene...

Anyway, you have my full blessing to maintain the A2Z as you see fit. Good work fella, as the saying goes!

Andy 'Payndz' McDermott

Sept 27th 2000

Well... after a very long time, the BGC A2Z wesbite has a new temporary permanent home. Temporary permanent? What the hell does that mean? As you might know, this site was created a few years back by one Andy McDermott who went by the nickname "Payndz" on the newsgroup. But a while back he dropped out of sight as did his website. Lost to the 404 zone, this website was sorely missed. Recently though, a few of the regulars on were discussing the missing site and "Cyclone" mentioned he had a copy saved to his hard drive! Most excellent. But the A2Z site still needed a new home. Well, Dr. Raven saw all this and told me to look into the situation and hey-- here it is!

So what happened to Payndz? No one is really sure. I've emailed his last known address but so far no response. (Ed. Note: See update above for latest news on Mr. McDermott's current whereabouts) This brings us to the whole temporary permanent thing. The A2Z site is still IMO the property of Andy McDermott and shall be treated by me as such until I hear different from him. If he decides to resurrect the site at a new location then I shall respect his wishes and turn the webpages over to him forthwith! But until then, for all the fans who missed this site, here it shall reside. If you have any submissions for the A2Z list email them to Dr Raven and he'll add them in when he can. Enjoy! - Andy Skuse