Linna Yamazaki

(Linna in her hardsuit)

Linna is the athlete of the Sabers; not as strong as Priss, she is a far better technical fighter, and thanks to years of dance training, her agility is second to none. She is the most social of the Sabers, with a new boyfriend almost every week. Often she comes across as superficial, concerned only with clothes, her car, and money.

Fans of Linna should check out one fan's ideas on how her hardsuit works, in Hardsuit: Linna. We now have the Grand Inquisitor's thoughts on Linna's purpose in the Sabres, from a literary perspective. Also, check out Major Tom's Linna Shrine, and The Temple of the Mountain Headlands (another shrine).

Linna's seiyuu (voice actor) is Tomizawa Michie.

(Linna in mufti)

B-club Biography

Like Priss, Linna also lost her parents. In the chaos following the great Kanto earthquake, a rampant boomer wreaked havoc all over Mega Tokyo. The newly-formed AD Police was unable to bring the situation under control and, as a result of their ineptitude, many citizens were sacrificed. Linna's parents were among these casualties.

But Linna wasn't disheartened. Her natural cheerfulness helped her overcome her grief and she continued to train herself. Linna's life-long dream was to become a world-famous entertainer. Then, a chance to fulfill that dream came along. Linna did her best at an audition for a musical but the judges weren't satisfied with her performance. Linna's dream was shattered forever. Sylia, however, noticed Linna's excellent reflexes and her strong will.

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Linna Yamazaki

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