Nene Romanova

(Nene in her Hardsuit)

Nene is the Sabers' hacker and communications specialist. She also works for the ADP as a data entry clerk, which gives Sylia an inside line on police files. Nene is actually only in her middle-late teens, but has faked her age in enough files that she is officially old enough to be working for the ADP. Not much of a fighter, as her hardsuit is occupied mostly by electronic gear, she tends to get beat up in one-on-one fights, and gets teased by Priss and Linna as a result.

Nene fans and detractors alike should check out Shawn Hagen's Goddess of the Battlefield for an entertaining and well reasoned explanation of Nene's place in the Knight Sabers. Eric's original Nene shrine appears (at this time) to be offline, but you can still visit the less Netscape intensive version. Another Erik has also created a Nene shrine.

For a less than happy ``what if?'' event in Nene's life, check out Secrets.

Nene is 164cm tall, and in her hardsuit is 173cm tall. Nene's seiyuu (voice actor) is Hiramatsu Akiko.

(Nene in Mufti)

B-club Biography

Unlike the other members' parents, Nene's parents were in good health. A young lady from a good family, Nene was fed up with her overly strict parents' constantly checking up on her and ran away from home. At an all-girl school, Nene proved to be too smart for her classes. As a result, she was easily bored and cut class often. So what was she doing when she wasn't in class? Nene discovered a natural talent for using computers and committed all sorts of high-tech mischief including computer hacking, wire-tapping, and other such acts of high-tech espionage.

Priss and Linna were part of the Knight Sabers' offense but the Knight Sabers needed another member to strengthen their defense. For this purpose, an extremely difficult [to crack] ``help-wanted ad'' program was set in place. But Nene easily deciphered the code and, after she understood the true nature of the program, she decided to take the job. And that's how Nene joined the Knight Sabers!

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Nene Romanova

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