Priscilla S. Asagiri

(Priss in concert)

Actually, Priss isn't really blonde, that's just the wig she wears in concert. Priss is the strongest fighter of the Sabers, usually fighting with little concern for her own life, just for the joy of killing boomers. She is generally antisocial and anti-authoritarian, but she cares deeply for those few she considers her friends.

Priss fans should also check out the Priss Worship Center, and one fan's ideas on how her hardsuit really works, Hardsuit: Priss. Also, don't miss the Priss shrine.

Priss' seiyuu (voice actor) for Crisis is Oomori Kinuko. Her seiyuu changed in Crash, due to Oomori-san's singing commitments, and at least according to some reports a loss of interest in voice acting. Her Crash seiyuu is Tachikawa Ryouko.

(Priss in her hardsuit)

B-club Biography

Priss lost her parents in the second great Kanto earthquake of 2025 (Kanto is a region in central-eastern Japan, near Tokyo). At an orphanage without anyone to rely on, Priss lead a gloomy childhood.

At age 17, during what was supposed to be the prime of her life, she was roaming the dark side of MegaTokyo. A small-time singer, Priss only performed at Suburban Live House (``Hot Legs'') and The Night's City Road. Under the thunderous roar of her motorcycle engine, she continued to cry out for something more.

Before long, the man who had captured Priss' heart, the leader of Priss' motorcycle gang, was assassinated for discovering a certain organization's secret. The AD Police, however, ruled that his death was a mere accident. Because of this, Priss carries a grudge against the AD Police. With gun in hand, the enraged Priss went after her lover's killers, swearing revenge.

But a pair of eyes were watching Priss very closely. The owner of those eyes pulled up in a red Benz and said, ``Will you entrust me with that burning heart of yours?''

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Priscilla S. Asagiri

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