Sylia Stingray

(Sylia in mufti)

Sylia (or Celia to some) is the leader of the Knight Sabers. The daughter of Katsuhito, she has continued her father's research, and is responsible for the development of the hardsuits. She tends to be very reserved (some would call her an ice queen) but agonizes in private over what she is doing to the other Sabers in her mission against Genom.

Sylia's Japanese seiyuu (voice actor) is Sakakibara Yoshiko.

For more information on Sylia, visit the Pay Homage to Miss Stingray shrine (which unfortunately suffers from oversize background images). Unfortunately, most Sylia shrines are on GeoCities, whose popup ads I find really annoying, so you can link to them from the BGC Links page. The Sylia/Largo Shrine looks pretty good though, so I'll include a link to it here. There is also the Chiisai Sylia Shrine which isn't on GeoCities, so maybe you should visit it first. It doesn't have much information, but what's there is nicely laid out.

B-club Biography

In the year 2022, the dawn of boomer technology, Doctor Stingray was assassinated by the treacherous Genom Corporation. After their father's death, Sylia and her little brother were all that was left of their family. Sylia inherited her late father's huge fortune as well as an enormous amount of data concerning her father's research. All this data was directly input into her brain (this technique was also part of Doctor Stingray's boomer technology). In this way, Sylia was reborn as a kind of ``super-lady''.

Soon, Mega Tokyo was being terrorized by Genom's boomers. Sylia, upset at such an abuse of her father's technology, decided to bring down Genom and its boomers. In the year 2030, with the completion of her hardsuit design (a compact and powerful armored soldier), Sylia began to recruit women for her group of punishers, the Knight Sabers.

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Sylia Stingray

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