BubbleGum Cross

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Last Updated JAN 5 2017

Writing begun - Oct 1995 - Completed - ???

It is the year 2038... The Knight Sabers have existed peacefully in obscurity, ever since the AD Police finally shut down Genom, the boomer manufacturer who also dealt globally in corruption and greed. Their 5 year hiatus is about to be disturbed, as a long-lost relative drops into Sylia Stingray's life, and explains why her data cartridge has the number "2" on it . . .

A trap is set during a hostage crisis at a military base by four mysterious cyborgs, and the events that follow evolve into a mystery story that will dig deep into the recent and distant past of each Knight Saber, attempting to unearth answers to the many questions that were left behind after BubbleGum Crisis #8. And, as opportunities and pressures are exerted from the "outside", each member of the elite mercenary team will face the difficult choice of continuing with the KS, leaving the fate of MegaTokyo uncertain as a new cybernetic threat emerges.

Story Updates

Oct 14 2008 - Preview # 2 - something newer... Preview # 2.

Sept 21 2008 - It's not over until it's over. Here's a preview of Chapter 26.

Apr 5th 2007 - Who was Jeena Malso? I am having fun writing her into BG Cross, but so little is known about her, except that she was one very tough AD Police Officer, and she liked to make Leon squirm. The AD Police Graphic Novel explores her character a fair bit, but near the end of the story she has an encounter with v728 that she herself describes as having her brain raped. Haven't got the AD Police Graphic Novel? Here's an animated GIF I put together of her encounter with v728. How would you feel if it happened to you? I can tell you this about the Jeena in my story... she's down, she's out, but she has never forgotten the experience.

P.S. Thanks to Skyknight for inspiring me to get back to writing today ;)

Apr 17 2006 - I sat down at my computer Friday morning, determined to get some work done on the fic. Yes, I know, it's been a long long time since I made any progress, and I've promised an update so many times! But after an initial bit of resistance, and several attempts by my email to distract me, I actually made some real progress! I started off slowly with the mundane stuff that has always been a big source of distraction, like deleting duplicate chapters and getting rid of old files that may or may not have some new writing in them. After clearing out the clutter I got down to work. And first thing I did? I got rid of a character! Not a major character, but a new character I had created that was supposed to be Leon's new partner with Daley busy elsewhere. But then I remembered that Leon had another partner before Daley. And she wants revenge just as much as anybody...

May 01 2005 - Changed the look of the webpage a bit to make it a little less cluttered looking. As for the story itself, lately I've been thinking a lot about some new ideas (nothing too crazy though) and I'm itching to write, but I have a few things "in the way" right now that prevent me from jumping back into the story. But I promised an update so here it is... It's frustrating right now (as it has been for a while) because there really isn't that much left to do but it's a lot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. And trying to get the big picture of where all these puzzle pieces fit together can be difficult on a computer monitor's screen. In a fit of frustration, I printed up a chunk of the story that I was having trouble with and taped it to a wall so I could "see" everything. Then I could write notes and draw arrows to move parts around. I took some pics of "the writing on the wall". Click on the thumbs below to see what it looked like and get a sneak preview at the same time. Thanks for being so patient, more to come. Stay tuned...

BTW: If you're looking for something else to read, check out Into The Shadows written by Jeanne Hedge and myself. Ever wonder how the Knight Sabers started out? Maybe it went like this...

Story Background & Recommended Reading

This story was primarily inspired by Bubblegum Crisis 2032/2033 of course, but it was also largely inspired by the AD Police Graphic Novel (see cover pic below). The events of the ADP Graphic Novel helped create the foundation of BG Cross, and the character of v728/Armstrong plays a central role. It's a great read on it's own for any BGC fan as well so I highly recommend reading it if you can find a copy. Last I heard the ADP Graphic Novel is still in print and available, and I've provided the ISBN number for anyone wishing to track down a copy (click on the picture link below for ISBN #). Also, I have Innpchan from to thank for his incredibly detailed and inspiring analysis of the mysteries of Mason/Largo and v728. Be sure to read his Mason/Largo Connection Theory as well to get another take on what was really going on in between the lines of Bubblegum Crisis.

Cover image of the AD Police Graphic Novel

Pics of v728 from the ADP Graphic Novel

Click on this link to read the prologue of Bubblegum Cross - "The Camera Eye"

Completed Chapters For Downloading

Chapter 23, "...Out Of Sight" is now available to download. At the moment, I am projecting 32 chapters in total. I hope you enjoy the story!

The 23 chapters written so far have been converted into .HTM documents to be read online. You can now also download all 23 chapters in one .DOC Word document (see bottom of file list).

These chapters were originally written in Microsoft Word, and then converted to a .HTM format using BBEdit to be read online. NOTE: If your browser doesn't seem to allow you to automatically save files archived here, try pressing and holding down the Shift key (or the Option key on a Mac), then click on the download link.

Read ONLINE Prologue, Chapter 1 "Artificial Instinct" & Chapter 2 "Black Rain"
Read ONLINE Chapter 3 "Below The Surface" & Chapter 4 "Cold Fire"
Read ONLINE Chapter 5 "A Distant Whisper"
Read ONLINE Chapter 6 "Children Of A Metal God"
Read ONLINE Chapter 7 "Field Test"
Read ONLINE Chapter 8 "Avatar"
Read ONLINE Chapter 9 "The Enemy Within"
Read ONLINE Chapter 10 "The Ghost Of A Chance"
Read ONLINE Chapter 11 "Afterimages"
Read ONLINE Chapter 12 "Fight or Flight"
Read ONLINE Chapter 13 "Lock & Key"
Read ONLINE Chapter 14 "Tears In The Rain"
Read ONLINE Chapter 15 "Never Say Give Up"
Read ONLINE Chapter 16 "Vital Signs"
Read ONLINE Chapter 17 "Turn The Page"
Read ONLINE Chapter 18 "Closer To The Heart"
Read ONLINE Chapter 19 "Blame It On The Moon"
Read ONLINE Chapter 20 "The Body Electric"
Read ONLINE Chapter 21 "Dreamlines"
Read ONLINE Chapter 22 "Out Of Mind..."
Read ONLINE Chapter 23 "...Out Of Sight"
DOWNLOAD All 23 currently completed chapters in a single Word 97/98 document. The chapters are all bookmarked for easy access using the Go To function - [765K] - NOTE: This document was saved as a Word 97/Word 98(Mac) .DOC file so it should be compatible with all current versions of Microsoft Word for Mac and Windows. E-mail me if you would like a text version, or if have any problems downloading it!

Email The Author!

Problems with the chapter pages or downloads? Don't like the way the story is going? Don't like how long the story is taking to write? The author can be reached here. Try to take it easy on him though! He's doing the best he can :)

Blackie's Laser Katana

Click above for a larger detailed image...

Helpful Folks

I'd like to thank a few folks who have helped me along the way with BG Cross. Their insight, expertise and wisdom have proven to be invaluable in the telling of this tale.

  • Huge Thanks to Jeanne Hedge, for taking the time to send me comments when I started out on this story. I have learned alot about the craft of writing from your comments and our email exchanges over the years. It means a great deal to me. Thank-you :)
  • Big thanks also to Jon Quirit who followed the story avidly when I was starting out, and for inspiring me to start this website. I don't know where you are now John, but thanks just the same!
  • And big thanks also to Bert Van Vliet, for indirectly prompting me to start BG Cross, because BG Zone was so good! :) And for the "anime fests" and the trip to Anime Central '99.
  • Special thanks to Innpchan for his Mason/Largo Connection Theory which has had a huge impact on this fanfic, and to Shawn Kester for his many comments, and for sending me a copy of the AD Police Graphic Novel which has also provided alot of important background for BG Cross. Arigato!
  • Also, thanks to: the "OldOwl" for some of the images at this site, the wonderful readership of the Fanfic Mailing List, the insightful folks of the newsgroup and the equally insightful members of the BGCrisis Mailing List

Thanks to everyone else who has passed along their ideas, insights and enthusiasm! The challenge of writing in itself is rewarding, but hearing from someone who likes your story (or doesn't like it and has some constructive criticism to pass along) makes it even more enjoyable! - Andy Skuse
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