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BGC 2040 Hardsuits
Comparisons - Old & New

Priss Old & New | Linna Old & New | Sylia Old & New | Nene Old & New

4 pics above from 2040 Perfect Manual. Scanned by Dr. Raven.

More 2040 Hardsuit Pics! Click the pics below to see a larger image

3 pics above donated by Wilhelm Svenselius, webmaster of the now 404 "Perils of Nene-Chan" website.

BGC 2040 Technical Diagrams

Bill MacPhee used to work for AIC while Bubblegum Crisis 2040 was in production.
He was our eyes and ears inside the company while the series was being made.
He recently posted some great tech diagrams of the BGC2040 hardsuits. Check them out!

Tokyo 2040 Mech Designs

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