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Bubblegum Crisis Home Page - THEE site for all the general BGC info you could ever want!
UPDATE: Unfortunately thjis site has been 404 for some time. If anyone knows how to contact Brian Edmonds
about possibly hosting his old site here at the Garage, then please email me!. Thanks! ~ Andy

Tokyo 2040.com - The unofficial site for the new BGC 2040 TV series! Run by Bill MacPhee.

R. Talsorian Games - Role Playing game company that has released a BGC RPG guidebook, as well as two new supplements!

Anime Web Turnpike - Extensive listing of anime related web sites and image galleries.

The Computer Museum of America - Lots of old computers!

Kawasaki Ninja Homepage - I do have a pic of Priss standing in front of a Ninja, but I don't think she'd ever take one over a Raven's Special... or would she?

RoadRacing World Magazine - covers the world of Superbike racing!

Promotional Robots - Need a custom built robot to sell something?

The Robot Store - thinking of building your own boomer? Maybe these guys could help get you started, but you're gonna need a lot of Muscle Wires!

Here are a few sites that have information and links about Artificial Intelligence. If you know of any others, please email me!

University of Georgia AI Center
Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (IMKAI) at the Univ. of Vienna Austria.
AI Lab at MIT
Guide to Artificial Intelligence

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