This is the technology that helped Sylia Stingray make her ambitions a reality. Enabling a human to lift well beyond their normal capacity, easily absorbing impact and weapons attacks that would tear apart an unprotected person, armed with a deadly suite of personalized weapons, and equipped with on-board computer technology that is beyond the current state-of-the-art, the hardsuit is a powerful new armor that the knights of old never dreamed of.
Weapons are often a personal thing to a woman, and the Knight Sabers are no exception. Each team member has their own unique array of offensive and defensive, and range and toe-to-toe weapons, that help them tackle boomers to the best of their unique abilities. And each specialized weapon creates a unique impact that helps each team member leave their own personal mark on the "deactivated and the disassembled".
The vehicles the Knight Sabers use are diverse. From motorcycles to vans to jets, they cover a lot of ground and air, and they usually do it in style and with a lot of fire power bolted on. But somehow nobody seems to be able to catch their license plate numbers when they speed away from a scene...
Raven's Garage "
Sylia Stingray created a lot of interesting things based upon her father's research, and on her own, other than the hardsuits. At my garage for example, there is a training facility, complete with a combat simulator and physiological measuring devices. Nene doesn't seem to like coming here, but Priss and Linna seem to have fun. At Nene's expense unfortunately.

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