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"The Mason/Largo Connection"


EDITOR'S NOTE: Nov 23rd 1999 - Recent discussion on the newsgroup has prompted me to clarify a point regarding the AD Police Graphic Novel. The artwork was done by Tony Takezaki, but the actual story was conceived by Toshimichi Suzuki, who was also the story writer for the original Bubblegum Crisis. How's that for a connection?

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Terrorist Bomber?

Well, there seems to be some interest in just how Mason and Largo are connected, and I've seen a couple of references to the theory I posted a few weeks back, so here it is again. With typical thoroughness, I did NOT make a copy of my post, so I have to do the whole damn thing again! (Anyone else get the feeling I'm gonna have to post this about twice a year?) The theory rests on events from the AD Police Graphic Novel and the first episodes of BGC. The following will therefore contain SPOILERS aplenty! I should say here that the ADP Graphic Novel is an entirely worthwhile read (Much better than the ADP OVAs) and is universally considered to be a canon source book. Go out and get it NOW. My only criticism is that its smaller format kind of "scrunches" the already dark art.

S P O I L E R S B E L O W !!!

First, a quick recap of the events in the ADP Graphic Novel. In 2027, four earlier model boomers escape from space station Genaros and make their way to MegaTokyo. One of them, a BuR-31 repair & maintenance boomer with the designation V7-28, had been exposed to various cosmic rays while working outside the station. These had apparently caused some damage to the internal locks on his biomechatronic brain and enabled him to become self-aware. He immediately concluded that this had been the hand of God at work, and that he had been chosen to free the boomers from their positions of servitude and lead them to their rightful place in the cosmos-- which is to say, just above mankind.

Eventually, he and the other boomers are captured by AD POLICE officers including Jeena Malso (Does anybody else miss Jeena?) and a useless rookie jerk, Leon McNichol. But V7-28 eventually manages to escape and place his "consciousness" into the Net, where it finds its way into Genom's home system and the body of a prototype boomer with shape-shifting and matter fusion capability. He takes this body and escapes into MegaTokyo, where he takes on a human appearance and meets up with a rather motley bunch of anti-Genom terrorists who plan to take over the building housing ADAM, Genom's new central computer system.

V7-28, of course, doesn't give a damn about the group's goals, but is happy to use them to gain access to ADAM and fulfill his destiny as the "Boomer Messiah." Of course, Jeena is on hand to mess up everyone's plans, and proceeds to take on the terrorists a la "Die Hard." Once she manages to contact Leon (in a rather imaginative fashion), the AD POLICE arrive and the real fight starts.

However, V7-28 has managed to penetrate ADAM and begins using its secret ability to take over the entire worldwide Net. The USSD immediately panics and orders a "pinpoint" laser satellite strike against the building. It doesn't quite work as planned, since ADAM is rather well-sheltered, but it DOES get V7-28's attention! He promptly uses ADAM to take over the USSD satellites and stop a follow-up strike, but he can't fire them because he DOESN'T HAVE THE ACCESS CODES. (This will become VERY important later) Angered, he uses his matter fusing power to actually form a face on the side of the building and taunt USSD, Genom, and Mason in particular. Mason is reluctant to hit the "kill" switch, which would isolate ADAM from the rest of the Net, because he'd rather isolate the rogue AI. He only does it under a direct order from Quincy when V7-28 threatens to reveal something "very interesting" about Quincy's expected life span.

At nearly the same time, a terrorist who has had a change of heart detonates a large bomb near ADAM's core. V7-28 finally realizes things are not going his way, and begins looking for escape routes. The book's final panel indicates his AI has found its way back into Genom's core system. Now we skip a couple of years ahead to "Tinsel City," the first episode of BGC. As we all know, the Sabers are hired by USSD to locate a "computer researcher," F.G. Frederick, and his "sister," Cynthia. Cynthia is, of course, a "killer doll;" an android in the form of a small girl who is actually a walking access code key for the USSD laser satellite system. She has been kidnapped by F.G. Frederick, a former Genom researcher. Frederick turns out to be a boomer with shape-shifting and matter fusion capability (Sound familiar?). He wants to lead the boomers in a rebellion (Sound familiar?) and is amused that the Knight Sabers seem to have no idea what is REALLY going on, or about Cynthia's true nature. It is my theory that Frederick IS V7-28 in yet another borrowed body. His capabilities and ambitions are identical, as is his habit of forming faces in architecture. (This also explains why Leon doesn't seem particularly upset when Aqua City threatens to get up and walk around a bit-- he's seen it all before!)

Meanwhile, what about Cynthia and the all-important codes she carries? She escapes from Frederick with Priss' help, but, as Jeanne Hedge's official synopsis puts it: "Cynthia is seen standing atop the wreckage of Aqua City, while a helicopter from Genom hovers nearby. Mason, in the co-pilot's seat, mutters a few words into a microphone, the helicopter pulls away, and the Knight Sabers realize that Cynthia, too, is a Boomer! Suddenly, one of USSD's satellite weapons fires its particle beam into Aqua City, destroying Cynthia and sending the wreckage to the bottom of the harbor." The laser strike also apparently destroys Frederick, but remember this isn't the first time he's escaped a satellite strike. More on that later...

In Episode # 2, "Born to Kill," Mason recovers Cynthia's "black box" containing the access codes for use in his "SuperBoomer" pet project. Just WHY it's his pet project will become clear later, as well.

Now let's talk about ol' Brian Mason himself for a bit. As we see in the first few episodes, he is rather fond of jacking himself into various things, like prototype combat boomers and the Net and, possibly, Sylia's consciousness. We now need to make a BIG assumption and figure he plans to live FOREVER, in one form or another. That's why he's experimenting with downloading his entire consciousness into digital form so that when and if he dies, he can be recreated artificially (Quite an ego on this guy, huh?). Mark Latus calls this the "Gilgamesh Project" in his fanfics, and does quite a good job of explaining just how Mason set it up. When Sylia finally does Brian in at the end of Episode # 3, "Blow Up," the project is set in motion. A waiting "SuperBoomer" body will have Brian's digital consciousness injected into it and he will continue to run Genom behind Quincy's back through puppets like Flint and Kaufman.

However, it would appear that our old friend V7-28/Frederick is still hanging about in the Genom net and he screws up Brian's careful plans by corrupting Brian's file!! Therefore we get LARGO. A SuperBoomer with the following aftermarket equipment: From Brian Mason- A corporate shark mentality with an intimate inside knowledge of Genom, including where all the skeletons (Like SDPC, the D.D., and the 33-Ss) are buried AND an obsession with Sylia. From Cynthia- The all-important USSD satellite access codes. From V7-28/Frederick- A pre-existing link to the Genom & USSD systems, a Messiah complex that just won't quit, and a PARTICULAR bone to pick with a certain blue Saber...

So does Sylia's cryptic remark at the end of "Red Eyes" make more sense now? Happy to be of service, and PICK AWAY!

"the pig" -

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V728 and ADAM

Mason Stresses Out

V728 Still In System?

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