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  • Special Thanks to Jon Quirit for his valuable assistance and inspiration, without which Raven's Garage would have remained just an idea.
  • A HUGE thank-you to Jeanne Hedge for the Three "I's": Information, Insight, and Images. Also, for a very special book, and for just being so cool.
  • Another HUGE Thank-you to Dan "Igor Lebowski" for sending me the Digital B-Clubs!
  • Thanks to Innpchan, Tempest, SkyKnight, Shawn Kester (for the ADPGN), Mad Mike, Jubei, Psyber, Kyrin, Lt. Dyson, Ben Cantrick (for BoomerDevWatch), Rob Kelk,, the gang at, and everyone else who has contributed to this site!
  • Many Thanks to AnimEigo for the use of some of the images at this site!
  • Thanks also to R. Talsorian Games for mentioning Raven's Garage in their BGC RPG guidebook!

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