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Updated Aug 2018

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"Classic" 203x Bubblegum Crisis Links

NEW! Animeigo Wiki: Bubblegum Crisis OVA Series - Sent to me by a fan, this is a link to the newly assembled official supplement material provided by the N. American distributor AnimEigo.

Brian Edmonds Bubblegum Crisis page - Brian's BGC site went 404 in 2017, and after 4 years of trying to reach Brian I have not had any luck, so I have added his Bubblegum Crisis page to Raven's Garage so we can all enjoy the page again. I have updated many of the links, but many also remain broken because the linked sites sadly no longer exist. But I have left the page as it was appearance-wise so we can all enjoy a trip down memory lane to when Bubblegum Crisis was at the height of it's popularity in the 90's. P.S. If anyone knows how to reach Brian, then please email me at

NEW! Encylopedia Bubblegum Crisis - An excellent overview of the series, characters, plot and more.

"Another Bubblegum Crisis FAQ" site - A great Frequently Asked Questions page for BGC by Rob Kelk.

MegaTokyo Interactive Map - I got frustrated with this site disappearing all the time so after finding it again recently I did a site grab of all the files and archived it at Thanks to Igarashi Wim for archiving the Megatokyo map site before it was lost forever. Be sure to visit his BGC Links site! Thanks to the site's original creator, Michael Ko, for allowing me to archive the Megatokyo Map here at Raven's Garage.

BGCrisis Plot Synopses - For more background on the storyline of Bubblegum Crisis, check out Jeanne Hedge's excellent synopses of all eight episodes.

AD Police Files Plot Synopses - Jeanne Hedge's official plot synopsis of The AD Police Files series is here!

BGCrash! Plot Synopses - Jeanne Hedge does it again with BubbeGum Crash!

WWW.BGCRISIS.COM - SkyKnight has renovated his castle grounds! Incorporating a more personal touch, you'll find in-depth info about BGZone, as well as HTML versions of the fanfic chapters themselves, commissioned artwork for BGZone, puns (ye gods!), 3D graphics projects, and lots more!

Check out the Bubblegum Crisis 2032-2033 OVA Society group on Facebook to chat with fellow Classic BGC fans.

Bubblegum Crisis A2Z! - Now being hosted right here on! Extensive Database of little known and overlooked facts about BGCrisis, BG Crash! and the AD Police Files. "Info Overload" says Ben Cantrick!!!

BGC DYN! (Did You Notice List) - In place of the now defunct Quicktime Movies section, Dr. Raven would like to announce that is now the host site for the BGC Did You Notice List! Continuity errors, goofy maps, strange computer screens and more...

AnimEigo - Distributors of Subtitled and Dubbed video versions of Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crash! and AD Police Files, and other BGC products.

AIC - Anime International Corporation. Creators of the original 2032 OVAs and new BGC 2040 TV series. Japanese website that can be translated.

R. Talsorian Games - Role Playing game company that released a BGC RPG guidebook, as well as two supplements. The BGC Books are no longer available but link is here if you want to contact them.

The MegaTokyo Website - A site I stumbled upon whilst checking my links page. General BGC info and some thoughts on the mysteries of BGC... I love dem mysteries!

Anime Web Turnpike - Extensive listing of anime related web sites and image galleries.

BGC 2040 Links

Yoinks! 2040 websites are dropping like flies! If you have a BGC 2040 website that you'd like to link from here please e-mail me!

Tokyo - The unofficial site for the BGC 2040 TV series! Run by Bill MacPhee.