ADvanced Police (ADP) Headquarters

Location:Between Uchibori and Hibiya streets at old Hibiya Park
Owner:City of Mega Tokyo
Purpose:Police Force Headquarters
Capacity:500 persons
The AD Police mainly deals with special disturbances and crimes that can not be handled by the normal police force, such as Boomer crimes and specific acts of terrorism. On the building's 48 floors, it houses some of the best law enforcement officers and support staff in the region. Located inside are the office of Leon McNichol and Daley Wong, two officers that form an odd partnership. They are the two people from ADPolice who have had frequent contacts with the Knight Sabers. Nene Romanov is employed as a young all-purpose officer, but secretly uses her computer hacker skills to acquire secret information. Enter the ADPHQ and visit the offices of Leon and Nene, and Computer Rooms, if you can slip past security.
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Created by Michael Ko
Created: January 15, 1995
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