Downtown MegaTokyo

Location:Shuto Expressway No. 6 and No. 7
Owner:City of MegaTokyo
Purpose:Busiest region of the city
Capacity:300 persons
Central to the entire area, the city of MegaTokyo looms all around you. From its massive corporate skyscrapers to the lowly business near the shore, almost every possible square feet has been developed. Luxurious hotels and run-down governmental apartments also litter the area. With the traffic and overcrowding it is without surprise of the variety of people and events occuring in MegaTokyo. People with or without scruples come to the city to seek their fortunes or change their lives. And change is definitely one thing that will happen in their lives. In this city, it never sleeps or stops. It's a never ending roller coaster of ups and downs. And you are now in the center of it. To the north is the area wealthy tourists mingle. A tall cylindrical building dots the skyline toward the west.

Created by Michael Ko
Created: January 15, 1995
Maintained by Dr Raven
Last Modified: April 10, 2007

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