LADYS633 Building

Location:Meji and Yamanote streets
Owner:Sylia Stingray
Purpose:Office and Residential Complex
Capacity:100 persons
Lying on the corner of Meiji and Yamanote(???) streets, the Ladys633 has become a popular place because of the stores located in it. Besides a cafe on the second floor, a lingerie shop called "Silky Doll" occupies the ground floor of the building. But at the penthouse level, Sylia and Macky Stingray live in comfort in a suite overlooking all of Megatokyo. Even though the lingerie shop is quite successful, most of the Stingray's money comes from their father's fortune build up from Boomer technology. This is also the meeting location for the Knight Sabres. Nearby, Genom Pyramid to the northeast and AD Police Headquarters to the east make their presences know to the Knight Sabers and Sylia Stingray.
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Created by Michael Ko
Created: January 15, 1995
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