Linna Yamazaki's Apartment

Owner:Linna Yamazaki
Purpose:Private Residence of a Knight Saber
Capacity:20 persons
Stepping through the doorway, you find yourself inside the apartment of Linna Yamazaki, aerobics instructor and moonlighting Knight Saber. The apartment itself is small, but cozy. This is the typical kind of apartment in MegaTokyo. With a full kitchen and new furniture which comes with the apartment, expect to pay a little above the average going price for a unit of the same size. Also, the excellent view the city and Megatokyo Bay enhance the appeal of these units as well as their price. If you are interested in similar units, check the other apartment buildings in the area. With the rail station near by, these buildings are an excellent chose for the person who wants to commute, but still enjoys the city life.

Created by Michael Ko
Created: January 15, 1995
Maintained by Dr Raven
Last Modified: April 10, 2007

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