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What is Raven's Garage?

Raven's Garage is a location from the 1989 japanese anime OVA series Bubblegum Crisis 2033. In the series the Garage is owned and maintained by Dr. Raven, friend, mechanic, and confidante to the Knight Sabers. This website is dedicated to the technology of Bubblegum Crisis 2033, AD Police, and BGC 2040.

Have any BGC or ADP related news to submit? E-Mail it to Dr. Raven!
Just don't call him Pops!


UPDATE April 10 2024 - Igor Zyktin has posted a new update to the Facebook group Bubblegum Crisis Society about his project to archive various BGC related art books. This time it's the Artmic Entertainment Bible 19 which contains colour and B&W drawings and images of the characters and technology from BGC, Madox-01, Gall Force, Riding Bean and Megazone 23. Thank-you Igor for the work you've done to preserve these fascinating images! You can check it out at the link below. There is also a link to download the archive file as well!

Igor's website Archive for Entertainment Bible 19

Download link for the .ZIP archive file

UPDATE OCT 16 2023 - Igor Zyktin has posted another update to the Facebook group Bubblegum Crisis Society about his project to archive various BGC related art books. This time it's the Artmic Entertainment Bible 16 which contains colour and B&W drawings and images of the characters and technology from BGC, Gall Force, Mospeada, Megazone 23, and Wanna Be's. It's an amazing piece of work that Igor has done, you can check it out at the link below. There is also a link to download the archive file as well!

Igor's website Archive for Entertainment Bible 16

Download link for the .ZIP archive file

UPDATE APR 21 2021 - Nikola Pavelic PM'd me this morning to let me know about an interesting website he found at Brown University with some BGC content. Thanks for sharing this Nikola!

Hey, while looking for BGC resources, I've come across an interesting page, seemingly hosted by Brown University. It seems to concern itself with cyberpunk-like media. I'm not sure when it was last updated. However, there's a series of texts written in 1992 by one Ho Lin from Brown concerning Bubblegum Crisis and how it relates to cyber media and its general themes. I'm not sure if this person was just writing these as a fan or if they were to be used for lectures and discussion at Brown. They seem to have mostly been interested in Sylvie and Anri's story and themes. Here's a list of the site's BGC texts:


Plus one that doesn't seem to be listed with the others:


UPDATE APR 17 2021 - Hello again! Geez, the Garage is downright busy these days! Some of you may recall that Brian Edmonds was the webmaster of a popular BGC website simply entitled "Bubblegum Crisis". He started the website back in around 1998, and it was hosted at what I think was his own domain at gweep.ca, which appeared to be hosted on a server at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Brian's site was one of the first BGC info sites, and it was widely seen as thee BGC info site of it's day in the late 90's and early 2000's. But in April of 2017 his site suddenly went 404, and ever since then I've been trying to track him down to see if he would allow me to resurrect his website at ravensgarage.com, but I haven't had any luck.

According to a whois search, the gweep.ca domain is actually still active. But currently there is no website at gweep.ca and all of the whois contact info is redacted. I sent an email to the Admin contact for the domain to see if they may be able to help, but I'm not holding my breath. I have found several old email addresses, but all of them bounced, and I have tried numerous web searches which have turned up various dead-end clues like his membership with the Vancouver Linux Users Group, but I can't find anything newer than 2017. That led me to wonder if perhaps he had passed away, but a search of the obits in Vancouver turned up nothing. Maybe he moved away from B.C.? It's become a Scooby Doo mystery!

I had really hoped to get his official permission before hosting the site, but it has been 4 years now, and I'd really like BGC fans to be able to enjoy the site again. So I have decided to go ahead and ressurect his website. I've been able to fix many of the broken links with new links, including the seiyuu bios, and all of the KS profiles are working again. I even re-linked the dead R.A.A.C fanfic links to the Eyrie archive versions. Many of the links are still 404, but I've left the site's appearance alone as much as possible, so we can all enjoy the site as it was when BGC was at the height of it's popularity.

I would still like to get Brian's official permission to host the site, and I will abide by his wishes either way. So, if anyone in the BGC community knows what happened to Brian, or how I might get in contact with him, then please email me at pops@ravensgarage.com Thanks! ~ Andy

UPDATE APR 17 2021 - Daniel Wisner posted today in the facebook group "Bubblegum Crisis Society" that AIC has annnounced a deal with Toei Agency to share join ownership of several intellectual properties including Bubblegum Crisis. The intriguing part of this news article is that "Both companies plan to develop new content for these properties, such as AIC's ongoing "Anime Reboot Projects" to celebrate AIC's 35th anniversary. Toei Agency will serve as the conduit for future business opportunities." Does this mean we could see new Bubblegum Crisis? The article does not say so, but it appears they are working on a Megazone 23 reboot project so anything is possible. Would you like to see new Bubblegum Crisis content? Join the discussion on facebook!

UPDATE MAR 23 2021 - Geez, it's been downright busy lately in the world of BGC! Today a link was posted on the "No Context Bubblegum Crisis" Facebook group to a youtube video made by MercuyFalcon titled "The Making Of Bubblegum Crisis". The video details the early origins of BGC's story and character ideas, and the rise and fall of AIC and Artmic including the sad tale of BGC's main creative writing force, Toshimichi Suzuki. It's an excellent history lesson and well worth the watch!

UPDATE FEB 21 2021 - Igor Zyktin posted on the FB group "Bubblegum Crisis Society" recently about a project he is working on to provide an archive of BGC images. Here is his description:

I'm continuing to build something, that can be considered as a "vault" with all BGC materials. The vault will contain:

  • 1. Bubblegum crisis b-club special.
  • 2. Bubblegum crash b-club special.
  • 3. Bubblegum crisis artbook 1.
  • 4. Bubblegum crisis artbook 2.

Right now I'm switching between different approaches, mostly picking the simpliest and cheapiest ones. Currently I stopped on an idea about bundling all materials in huge file. I have a script that adds media to the archive. It creates smaller previews, but other than that does nothing. And I'm planning to create one more script to make browsing of the content easier. Currently I'm speaking about local machine, no internet involved. Interactivity is not the case also. I'm planning to publish update every month. Scripts and programs are not part of the archive. So, I wanted to know, what do you think about it?

1. Content will be packed into rar file. Each month I'll publish new one, bigger. You could unpack new content into old directory. Does this content delivery system sound sane?

2. After I'll manage more scripts to work, there will be possibility to add something to the archive. But you'll need to pack your files and send them to me. Does participation in something like that sound interesting to you?

3. Archive is supposed to have tags and search engine. Which search criterias you'd like to have? By tag? By title name? By material label? By upload date? By picture size?

Here is a demo video of how to use the archive. Please watch this before downloading the archive: BGC Archive Video Demo

Version 001 of the achive can be downloaded here: BGC Archive

If you have any suggestions about the archive you can contact Igor by clicking here.

UPDATE JULY 15 2020 - Hey! How'ya doing? Yep, we're still here! It's been a while, right? Well, this December, ravensgarage.com will turn 25! Can you believe it? I can't believe it myself. How many sites do you know of that are 25 years old, let alone a 25 year-old website devoted to a cult anime from 1989?! Well, my statscounters tell me that BGC fans are still visiting this site, about 80-100 unique visits every month, so until that drops to nothing, this old garage will keep on chugging along. And as always, I hold out the hope that I will be able to keep updating the site. I know what needs to be done, I just gotta set aside the time to get it done. One thing that has risen to the top of my priority list for the Garage, is to see if I can bring Jeanne Hedge's websites under the umbrella. Jeanne sadly passed away in October of 2019. She was a good friend, a great writer, and a crazy-good fanfic editor. From the early days in 1995 on the FFML (Fan Fiction Mailing List), to my own hosted ML called the BGC FFML, she helped me learn the ropes of fanfiction writing, and toughened my skin to take C&C (comments and criticism) with her dry sense of humor and her no-BS approach. I tried my best to return the favour in kind, but she provided quality C&C to so many members of the anime fanfiction writing community and her contribution and impact on all of us cannot be over-stated. So, I have Jeanne's site archived, and I hope to be able to bring Hedgenet to Raven's Garage, but first I am going to try to go through the proper channels. Cross your fingers, and let's hope we can bring the "Wise Owl's" incredible site back from the 404 zone... - Andy

UPDATE SEPT 19 2018 - Time marches on, and with it changes also take place. After 23+ years of this site being reliably hosted with the fine folks at Odynet, I have moved the Garage to a new host at ISP.CA. Why? Because I work there! :) Kinda handy, right? Sure makes it easy to do updates and there is no limit to how big the site can be now so the sky's the limit! I also have a new contact email address for the site. If you have any comments or any ideas to contribute you can now reach me at pops@ravensgarage.com. Hope to hear from you! - Andy

UPDATE AUG 3 2018 - NEW! I got an e-mail yesterday from a BGC fan named Brant who wanted to tell me about an interesting link and some news about the HD standard edition Blu-ray of Bubblegum Crisis.

Hi, Andy. Here is a link to the newly assembled official supplement material provided by the N. American distributor AnimEigo.


Also, in the news; the HD standard edition Blu-ray of Bubblegum Crisis, previously only available to Kickstarter patrons, hits the streets for all September 25th!

Please inform fellow BCG fans of this!

Thanks! KnightSabers, sanjo!


Thanks for the info Brant! If you have any BGC-related info or news please shoot me an e-mail

UPDATE MAY 29 2018 - NEW! Encylopedia Bubblegum Crisis - Tripped over this site during my regular search for all things BGC. It's an excellent overview of the series, characters, plot and more.

UPDATE FEB 20 2018 - Yup, this website is still alive and kickin! I've fixed some dead links and made a few minor updates, and I found a very nice 30 year anniversay tribute to BGC by Grant Jones of the website Zimmerit.

UPDATE FEB 24 2017 - On the 30th anniversary of the release of Episode 1 of BGC, "Tinsel City", comes a short but cool article about BGC's creator, Toshimich Suzuki, and the origins of BubbleGum Crisis. Written by Sean O'Mara.

UPDATE MAY 4 2015 - May The 4th Be With You! Recently a few people on a BGC-related facebook page were asking about Bert Van Vliet's fanfic Bubblegum Zone. I used to host Bert's website bgcrisis.com on my home web server, which was on a terribly slow DSL connection, until I switched to a cable provider so I could finally enjoy the real high-speed internet that all my friends had been talking about for several years ;) But that left Bert without a website. I contacted him recently and he is working on getting his domain renewed again, but in the meantime I am providing a link to his old website so everyone can at least access his Bubblegum Zone fanfic pages again. Some links on other pages may not work but the Zone pages should all be working now. If you haven't read BG Zone, then make a pot of coffee, pull up a comfy chair and settle in for a few weeks to read Bert's excellent fanfic!

UPDATE AUG 24 2014 - The Digital B-Club archives have been unlocked! You can access them from Mackie's Database. Thanks to TheG0dThatFailed for all your hard work in creating the Digital B-Clubs. Enjoy the old-school web experience while surfing these pages :)

UPDATE JULY 28 2014 - I'm not able to keep as up-to-date with all things BGC as I once was, but better late than never for this entry! Animeigo ran a crowdfunding event earlier this year to raise money for an Ultimate Blu Ray Edition of BGC. The crowdfunding event has ended and pre-orders are no longer being taken, but you can still get on the wait list. Click here to visit Animeigo's webpage for more info.

UPDATE JULY 28 2014 - Check out the Bubblegum Crisis 2032-2033 OVA Society group on Facebook to chat with fellow Classic BGC fans.

UPDATE APR 22 2014 - Added link for my BG Cross fanfiction.

UPDATE 2 APR 14 2014 - TheMason/Largo Theory can now be found in Mackie's Database!

UPDATE 1 APR 14 2014 - I was recently notified that the file download links for the BGC Duke Nukem Mods were not working. They have now been fixed along with the download links for BGC Crash. Thanks to FallenCipher on alt.fan.bgcrisis for the heads up!

UPDATE OCT 17 2013 - Please excuse the mess! The Garage has been moved to a new server and will be undergoing a bit of construction. Some pages may be missing or look odd, but Mackie will be working on it 24/7!

UPDATE APR 2013 - While looking through the BGC Fanfic Guide page I noticed the Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Guide had some dead links so I've updated the entire Fanfic Guide website to delete the dead links and fix the Ranma Fanfic Guide to point to an archived site at Waybacmachine, and added the text-only version of the Ranma Fanfic Guide from Sept 2005 to ravensgarage. Hope this helps someone in their search through the past!

NEWEST UPLOAD AT MACKIE'S DB: Sept 7th 2009: - Mackie has added a new area to his database. The Digital B-Club Archive! But not so fast. It is password protected so you'll need to visit the alt.fan.bgcrisis newsgroup to get the username and password. Once you've found them, come back here and click on Mackie's Database, then click on the icon for the Digital B-Club Archive and enter the username and password when requested. Can't find the username and password? Here's a hint; do a keyword search for the words "boomer giant". Good hunting!

BGC LIVE ACTION MOVIE UPDATE: May 14 2009: - Dustin Kopplin emailed me tonight to let me know that he has a Facebook page setup to provide info on the upcoming BGC Live Action movie. Check it out for updates, images, and trailers!

WEBSITE UPDATE: May 09 2009: - A quick thank-you to Dan "Igor Lebowski" from alt.fan.bgcrisis for sending me a copy of the Digital B-Clubs. I hope to put all that hard work to good use in the near future with some new material and images for the Garage. Thanks Dan!

WEBSITE UPDATE: Jan 25 2009: - If you've perused my links from my BG Cross fanfic website you will have noticed that the link for the BGC Fanfic Guide by Craig Wigda has gone 404. I have attempted to email Craig at the last known email address I could find to find out what happened but I have not yet received a response. So, after what happened with Michael Ko's Megatokyo Map website, I grabbed a copy of the BGC Fanfic Guide site from the waybackmachine and saved it to my hard drive. Though it is out-dated now, I think the Guide is still a significant source of information to BGC Fanfic fans and definitely worth saving, so I've tweaked the look of main page a bit and given it a temporary home (see links at left) here at ravensgarage.com so that it is still available while I try to contact Craig to get his permission to host the Guide here permanently. If anyone knows how to reach Craig, or if you know where Craig may have moved the Guide, please e-mail me and let me know.

UPDATE Feb 2009: Craig Wigda emailed me in February. Heres what he had to say:

Thanks for saving the BGC Guide. It was originally hosted on my friend's web site (Mike Paff, the editor). Since real life has sort of jumped on me I've not really had a chance to update the guide, so I sort of forgot about it. Any way my friend Mike switched Network Providers and we did not even think about the web page when he did that. Any way Mike saw your post and while it was on his web page I wrote it so he forwarded your email. I do have a updated (which is now out of date) guide I was working on but I don't remember which computer (and where on the disk) the guide was. You have permission to host the guide as you wish. If you want to change the guide that is also up to you as I trust you from your postings and your web page. If other people contribute to the guide (new reviews) that would be OK as well. I was doing all of the reviews when I had time but that is rather hard to come by now. Having others provide reviews sounded easy but I was getting authors that reviewed their own stories and they were either to hard or to easy on them self (so I did all of the reviews). Any way the guide can be hosted as you see fit. We can work out details on how updates are to be done (which I know really needs to be done) ~ Craig Wigda

If anyone would like to contact Craig about his Fanfic Guide then please email me and I will send you his email address.

WEBSITE UPDATE: Aug 16 2008: - Added recent Boomer Dev Watch Article

WEBSITE UPDATE: Dec 9 2007: - Added link to the Megatokyo Map in Mackies Database.

WEBSITE UPDATE: July 26 2007: - Changed the layout of the site to make it a bit easier to maintain and find things. This will be the new updates section for the whole site. Also added a new BGC Games webpage to accomodate the existing games and a new/old game provided by reader Seiger M.G. Thanks Seiger!

GARAGE UPDATE: July 5 2007: - Rearranged the Boomer pages to look the way they should have from the beginning. I hope to format the rest of the pages the same way when I have time, and I'll add a few more pics as well.

WEBSITE UPDATE: Apr 10 2007: - I always liked Michael Ko's Interactive Megatokyo map website, but got tifa4e3c of this site disappearing from time to time so I did a grab of the website's files and images and I've archived the site here. There are a couple of pages missing which will give an error so until I can fix them just click your Back button. I hope to add more pictures and include an interactive map feature as well. P.S. I tried contacting Michael Ko but his email address is 404. (NOTE: Michael did eventually contact me and gave me the go-head to host the map). Stay tuned for more updates...

LINK OF INTEREST: Jan 28 2007: - Some very cool BGC 3D video work created by Noah Brewer. Thanks to Cliff Laufer for the link!

GAMES UPDATE: Jan 28 2007: - After a little setback, MadMax and company are trying to re-kickstart their project to make a BGC Video Game. Are you:

  • interested in joining a team to make a game/mod/TC based on BGC?
  • helpful with technical and artistic talents, such as mapping, modelling, programming, drawing, designing?
  • crazy about BGC and excited to see it fa4e3cone in a virtual way?

Then check out their new discussion forum thread. BGC Online needs you!

NOTE: If you are not a programmer, designer or artist, then you can certainly add your words of encouragement and support to the team's forum, but they specifically need programmers, designers and artists to finish the project so don't bother asking how you can help unless you have some of the qualifications listed above. The programming team thanks you for your understanding :)

LINK OF INTEREST: Sept 22nd 2006: - Here's some video at YouTube of someone modelling a cosplay BGC Priss hardsuit at the Animazement 2004 convention. Nice suit! But it looks like it's murder on the ankles…

GARAGE UPDATE: Dec 6th 2005: - Raven's Garage is celebrating 10 years online! It's a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things but it's still hard for me to believe it's been that long. My interest in developing this site into what I'd hoped it would be has been rekindled recently so watch this space for updates. To start things off be sure to check out the newest addition, the Boomer Development Watch webpage that is now part of Mackie's Database. If you have something to submit to the BGC DYN or A2Z, or if you have any questions, please e-mail me.

WEBSITE UPDATE: MAY 12 2005 - Every so often on the alt.fan.bgcrisis newsgroup someone will post a link to a webpage that marks the evolution of robotic technology as it moves ever closer towards the creation of a true artificial being. We call this ongoing thread the Boomer Development Watch. I thought it would be interesting to keep track of all of these posts with an eye towards the future to see if 2032 would really be the year when boomers arrive.

GAMES UPDATE: JULY 01 2002 - Brian Dinnigan has managed to locate a copy of a very old computer game called Bubblegum Crisis: Crime Wave". He has graciously allowed me to create a webpage for the game and a download link for the game file. I hope to have a more permanent home for Crime Wave and BGC Doom as well in the near future.

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