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One of Mega Tokyo's prisons.

Created by Dr Haynes, Adama was the first boomer to be equipped with a new type of artificial intelligence that gave him mental abilities that were comparable to a human. Shortly after his activation, Adama was stolen by Dr Yuri, who wanted to wipe Adama's memories and use his AI in the EM-302 combat boomer. However, Adama was rescued by Priss and returned to Geo City to download his program safely into Haynes's computer. Unfortunately, Yuri had pursued the pair, and Adama was badly damaged by the EM-302, eventually losing power and dying.
Adama was the first fully mechanical boomer to display a human level of intelligence; 33-S boomers displayed a similar intellect, but they were largely biological beings. Adama's AI was able to integrate fully with computers and boomer systems, and even reprogram them remotely.

Callsign for a Highway Patrol vehicle.

Callsign for a Highway Patrol vehicle.

AD Police
Usual name for the Advanced Police, Mega Tokyo's specialised anti-boomer and anti-terrorist unit. Originally a division of the regular police, set up shortly after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 2025 to deal with the ensuing chaos, it became a fully independent force in 2027. Its headquarters are in a converted fashion building in District 3, a considerable step up from the converted warehouse it was originally housed in.
The ADP entered no fewer than three cars in the Genom Trophy Rally, managing to finish with all three in the top six.

AD Police Chief
Replacing Chief Toodou in 2034, the new chief is even less inclined than his predecessor to authorise any activity that may be politically troublesome, at one point even refusing to deploy a full mobile suit unit to combat the Illegal Army in case it causes complaints from the citizens. He is a political appointee rather than someone who has worked his way up through the ranks, and is determined to cut costs in all areas, such as by replacing live ammo on the ADP target range with videogame lightguns.
The Chief is married and has a daughter. He looks an awful lot like former US President George Bush, who will be forever remembered (in Japan, certainly) for vomiting over the Japanese PM at an official dinner.

ADP Helicopter Transporter
Heavy truck capable of carrying four Firebee mini-gunships.

ADP Patrol Car
Two-seater rapid response vehicles for ADP officers. A number of different makes and models are in use, but the most common is one with a single-piece door and windscreen unit that opens vertically. This model, the Road Chaser (based on the ZMC-Misaki Beluga sports car), has a manually- activated turbo system, and can accelerate from 60 to 150kmh in under three seconds.

ADP Troopers
The footsoldiers of the Advanced Police, they are used in front-line engagements with rogue boomers and terrorists, and as such have a high mortality rate. They are issued with body armour, combined gasmasks and image enhancers, and laser- sighted automatic rifles, the M42-A1.

ADP Troop Transport
Six-wheeled armoured trucks used to carry ADP troopers to combat zones. A team of troopers entered one in the Genom Trophy Rally.

Leon's police callsign - either his personal code, or that of his car.

Advanced Police
Official full name of the AD Police.

AI Boomer
Fusion-capable boomer created by Largo to spread his AI virus throughout Mega Tokyo's boomer population. When enough boomers had been infected, they were summoned to the Central Databank Building and fused with the AI boomer to create a monstrous being bent on absorbing the city. It was killed when its AI core was destroyed by the Knightwing.

Japanese animation house that became a massive multimedia conglomerate following its successful acquisition of the anime series Bubblegum Crisis in 1996 and turning it into a TV series. The AIC logo can be seen on many products all over Mega Tokyo.

Air Vents
Air conditioning ducts that run throughout the ADP building. Unusually for an action show, they aren't large enough to fit your average secret agent or off-duty cop in a vest, although girl photographers can manage at a squeeze.

AI Virus
Invasive computer program devised by Largo, based on the AI of Adama. The virus is transmitted via the Tokyo Net and power transfer systems to boomers from a fusion-capable boomer, and turns infected boomers into Largo's slaves. It also causes files on the Tokyo Net to br ak d wn and c%rr pT @@*

Subway station one stop on from Geo City.

Name of a cutting-edge (for 2028) Genom supercomputer, housed in the Genom Building in District 6. The computer had AI potential, but was also part of a Genom experiment in invasive control of other computer systems. Armstrong attempted to hijack this ability in an attempt to gain control of Genom's central computer but failed, and Alex (along with most of the building) was eventually destroyed by a combination of orbital weapons fire and terrorist bombs.

AD Police officer killed by his own weapon, when a rampaging boomer took it from him in June of 2027. He had considerable gambling debts when he was killed, leading to speculation that he let himself be killed so his family could claim his life insurance, but this was proven to be false. Despite his marriage, he still provided occasional post-mission sexual favours for Jeena Malso.

Manufacturer of car stereo equipment.

Amarok Stock Co
Share trading house where Linna was, for a while, gainfully (if not entirely law-abidingly) employed as a trader. The firm is rich enough to be housed in its own skyscraper.

American Popcorn
Descriptively-titled snack food. It's popcorn. From America.

Establishment in the neighbouring building to the Piss coffee shop.

Anderson, Naomi
Girlfriend of J B Gibson, seriously injured in an attack by Outriders and left in a traumatised state and wheelchair-bound. The only thing that could stir her from her state of near catatonia was the sound of motorbike engines, which terrified her. She began to recover during Gibson's last ride in his modified Griffon.

Another name for boomers manufactured to act as doubles for real people, such as Quincy.

Andy 2000
The ADP's mainframe computer, located on the 29th floor of their headquarters. As well as normal computer functions, it also controls all environmental and security systems in the building. The computer was severely damaged after being fused with an invading boomer in late 2033.

Large building in downtown Mega Tokyo.

Ankle Bombers
Devices that work in the same way as Knuckle Bombers, only fitted to the lower legs of Priss's Evolution 1 hardsuit.

The only other 33-S to escape from Genaros with Sylvie, Anri was wounded in the attempt and had to rely on Sylvie to obtain supplies of fresh human blood to replace her leaking artificial supply. She was repaired after Priss gave her the datadisk that Sylvie had died to obtain; unfortunately, she then fell in with Largo and became part of his plan to wrest control of the OMS from Genom. She adopted the alias of Millie Jackson to infiltrate Genom and obtained the schedule of Callahan, so that Largo could kidnap him.
Knowing that Priss was responsible for Sylvie's death, Anri stabbed her, only to learn the real reason for Sylvie's sacrifice. She died, as did Sylvie, in Priss's arms, killed taking a blast from Largo that was meant for the Knight Saber.

Aoyama, Tsuyoshi
ADP support officer.

One of Nene's less flattering descriptions of Priss.

Aqua City
Abandoned construction project in Tokyo Bay. Used as a hideout by F G Frederick, and destroyed by a strike from an orbital satellite.

Shop on a run-down Mega Tokyo street.

Area Redwing
Part of Mega Tokyo, which contains Geo City and the incomplete hotel where the Knight Sabers fought some of Dr Yoshida's boomers.

Area 20
Run-down part of the city where J B Gibson and Naomi lived.

Armoured Defence Police
Little-used alternative name for the Advanced Police.

Armoured Trooper
Generic name for the ADP's K-series mobile suits.

Arm Strength
One of Sylia's assessment categories in the combat chamber. Nene only rated a feeble 3.5.

The "human" name of a model R-31 non-humanoid labour boomer, which after exposure to cosmic radiation while working aboard space station Genaros developed an unprecedented level of self- awareness and fled the station in 2028, ending up in Mega Tokyo. Armstrong's new mental state was accompanied by a messianic complex and a foul temper. Once on Earth, he attempted to subvert Genom's computer systems in a bid to gain control of the city's computer network and its boomers. His first attempt failed, but the second almost succeeded until the ADP cut off the network feeds to the supercomputer he was using as a basis for his assault. Armstrong somehow acquired the ability to move his consciousness into different boomer bodies, abandoning his original labour form for a more powerful, fusion-capable model. It has been speculated that after his second defeat, a part of Armstrong's mind may have merged with a secret Genom programme run by Brian J Mason - the transfer of a human consciousness into a boomer body. The combination of Armstrong and Mason gave birth to a new intelligence - Largo. For more info on Armstrong look up V7-28 in the "V" section of this encyclopedia.

Article Two
The second clause of the Knight Sabers' code, prohibiting actions based on a personal grudge.

Article Three
The third clause of the Knight Sabers' code, requiring actions to be approved by all members.

Article 0012
City regulation concerning boomers, which forbids them to leave the area in which they work.

Artificial Island D-35
Part of the Genom Development Complex in Tokyo Bay. A mock city was built there for boomer combat testing.

Coming soon, apparently. Their share values fluctuate wildly.

Asagiri, Priss (Priscilla S)
DOB: 27 May 2013
Height: 168cm/5'5"
Priss is the front-line fighter of the Knight Sabers; aggressive and often too little concerned with her own safety, she is also the one who is injured most often. Her parents were killed in the 2025 earthquake when she was 12, and she was brought up in an orphanage - she left as soon as possible and ended up as a member of a biker gang.
The leader of the gang was her lover [and started her off as a singer in rough places like Hot Legs], but was murdered by Genom agents when he got too close to one of their secret projects. Priss wanted revenge, and set out to kill the man responsible [possibly Brian J Mason, but Priss couldn't have known this for sure as she didn't know who he was in 'Born To Kill'] when the police - specifically the AD Police - were unable to do anything. Priss was intercepted (literally - she was run off the road by Sylia's Mercedes) on her mission of murder by Sylia, and after some initial antagonism involving a flick-knife, was persuaded to put her aggression to more measured use in the Knight Sabers.
Priss has a deep-seated hatred for Genom and their boomers, and was devastated at the death of Sylvie, not only because she was forced to kill her in order to save the city, but also because she had accepted Sylvie as a human. Attempting to atone for Sylvie's death by giving Anri the information needed to repair her damaged systems caused her more pain when she found out that Anri was a pawn of Largo. After this, it took some time before Priss could feel anything but loathing for boomers, an attitude only changed, however slightly, when she met Adama in 2034.
Priss was, until 2034, the lead singer of the band 'Priss and the Replicants', after which she attempted to go solo, taking on a manager whom she soon found did not have the same plans for her career as she did. She lives in a trailer in sector 3, near the docks, and her pride and joy is her motorbike (she has got through several models), which has got her into trouble with the Highway Patrol for speeding violations on several occasions. She likes children, taking the lead in the search for Cynthia, and befriending Sho and his mother. Priss carries a concealed Member-II handgun designed for anti-boomer combat, and eventually acquires a grudging liking for Leon McNichol. She wears a size 25 1/2 shoe.
The meaning of Priss's middle initial is as yet unknown - speculation has ranged from Serena to Sonada, but as yet there has been no definite answer.

Subway station destroyed by the Brumm Bar's passage.

Attack Formation SW-01
Combat manoeuvre employed by an ADP Hornet attack helicopter, with little success, on the fake Knight Sabers atop the Tinsel City Bank.

Heavy weapon carried by Mackie's battlesuit.

Lethal security measures in the ADP building, consisting of computer-controlled machine guns mounted in turrets that drop from the ceiling.

Large automatic handgun used by the male lead in Vision's first film.

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