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Company who had a truck stolen by Largo's agents to transport combat boomers.

Taiyo Building
District 6 skyscraper which was set ablaze as a result of Armstrong's subversion of the computer network in 2028.

Takagi, Dr
Cyberneticist responsible for Billy Fernwood's cyborgisation. Something of a pervert - she was turned on by his cyborg body and used him for sex, but beyond that her only interest in him was to advance her career. Killed by Fernwood when he went insane.

Area of Mega Tokyo.

Takashi, Koga
Employee of the Tokyo Cybernetics Bank.

African nation which Genom is attempting to destabilise.

Drink favoured by Sylia Stingray. Possibly Earl Grey, hot.

Technologically Integrated City Project
Government-authorised urban regeneration project to be carried out by Genom. It involved buying up District 3 and demolishing it, replacing it with a new financial centre. It was apparently abandoned, as by 2034 Ladys 633 - a building in District 3 - was still standing, and in fact had been expensively refitted.
[NB - the RPG states that the TICP had been long abandoned by 2032, but Quincy and his stooges in Blow-Up are discussing it in the present tense.]

Ability apparently possessed by motoroids, allowing them to appear and disappear at will, or at least according to the dictates of the plot.

Ten Gallon Hat
Affectation of the Texan chairman of Gulf & Bradley. It ended up being filled with ten gallons of his own diluted blood.

The Day Fresh
Late-night TV news programme.

Executive aircraft used by Brian J Mason.

Timex City
Unofficial name for the redeveloped area of the fault line.

Tinsel City
Name of Mega Tokyo's financial district.

Tinsel City Bank
Very large financial building in the heart of Tinsel City. It suffered damage in a battle between the Knight Sabers and their Hyperboomer duplicates.

Some kind of bun-shaped food. Not a big hit with cats.

Today's Spotlight
American TV music programme, which includes both charts and live acts.

Alternate spelling of Chief Toodou's surname.

Tokyo Atomic Plant
Large fusion reactor built on an artificial, earthquake-resistant island in Tokyo Bay. It was thought to be inpenetrable to natural and man-made attacks, until Largo proved otherwise. The reactor takes three hours to shut down in an emergency.

Tokyo Atomic Plant Director
The bespectacled manager of the Tokyo Atomic Plant had his smug confidence in the impregnability of his facility shattered when Largo drove the Brumm Bar nuclear boring machine through the reactor walls. A disaster was only prevented by the actions of the Knight Sabers.

Tokyo City Bank
Another name for the Tinsel City Bank.

Tokyo DT Times
Newspaper used by USSD to offer the Knight Sabers a mission.

Tokyo Net
The computer network linking the city's computer systems together. Since even household appliances often have Net links, the system has safeguards to prevent hacking or virus infection, but these were useless against Largo's AI virus. Of course, the system's safeguards have been improved since then, and nothing can possibly go worng.

Tokyo Peoples' Liberation League
Anti-capitalist terrorist group, whose mission is to destroy Genom's stranglehold over Japan. Max, an old boyfriend of Jeena Malso, is a member. The group were actually pawns of Armstrong, who was using them to gain access to the Alex-01 supercomputer.

Tokyo Tushin Shinbun
On-line newspaper.

Tokyo-Yokohama No 5
Major highway connecting Tokyo with Yokohama to the south. Links up with R-51.

Subway line that runs through District 7 to Geo City.

Bus company that operates route 12.

Establishment in the Perche building.

Body part bitten by the cyborgized Billy Fernwood to remind him what physical sensations felt like.

Another alternate spelling of Chief Toodou's surname.

Toodou, AD Police Chief
The Chief, in common with grumpy fictional police chiefs with headstrong young officers under their command throughout history, is black [brought in from abroad following the 2025 quake to help rebuild the severely depleted force] and in 2027 was instrumental in making the AD Police, of which he was originally the unit commander, an entirely independent force from the regular police. With retirement approaching, he is increasingly unwilling to jeopardise his pension by rocking the boat when it comes to crimes that may be linked with Genom, an attitude that earns him the contempt of Leon. However, he is a skilled enough operator to use Leon for politically tricky jobs while keeping himself off the hook.
The Chief has at least one sister, and a niece, Lisa Vanette, whom he dotes on. He retired (or was promoted) from the job in 2034.

Top Gun
1986 movie apparently popular with Mega Tokyo's town planners as a source of place names.

Japanese consumer electronics company. They manufacture all kinds of hardware, including notebook computers.

Tower, The
Nickname for corporate Genom used by employees of its subsidiaries.

Used to enforce Mega Tokyo's draconian parking laws. Linna has her car towed from Chinatown by one.

A station on the Paradise Loop, between Kiba and Minami-sunamachi.

Small directional locator, tiny enough to be concealed in a bracelet, or even a bra.

A converted truck trailer parked near the docks in sector 3, which is home to Priss Asagiri. A car wrecking yard and a small park are close by. It is full of speakers, stereo and TV gear, and motorbike parts.

Transport Chopper
Heavy duty helicopter capable of carrying up to four Armoured Troopers, or a squad of ground troopers.

Trooper 28
Messily shot to pieces by a Bu-12B on 246th Street.

Trooper 69
Member of a crowd-control cordon outside Genom Tower following an explosion in a lab. Received a knee in the groin when he tried to stop Priss getting past.

Large unmarked vehicle used to transport the Knight Sabers and their equipment. It was equipped with two extending boom arms so that bike-mode motoroids could be launched at speed. Replaced the Silky Doll Wagon.

Houston radio station.

Upgraded motoroid used by Priss, until it was destroyed by one of Largo's Hyperboomers.

Fourth generation motoroid used by Priss. More powerful than even a Hyperboomer, it was armed with a 35mm hand cannon, and although huge was the most anthropomorphic of the motoroids.

Top of the range model of Canon camera. Lisa Vanette owned one, until it was stamped on by Priss.

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