Bubblegum Crisis A2Z - V

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Alpha-numerical designation given to a Bu.R.31 space-maintenance type boomer that, according to the AD Police Graphic Novel, escaped from the Genaros Space Station after alledgedly being bombarded by cosmic rays which caused it to somehow attain self-awareness. Other than the ADPGN, more info about V7-28 can be found in the Mason/Largo Connection Theory and in the "A" section of this encyclopedia: look up ARMSTRONG.

Valency Saw
Cutting instrument that cuts the bonds between molecules to slice up its subject. Characterised by plasma-like energy discharges between the cutting beam and its handle.

Valency Sword
More compact version of the above. Priss's Evolution 2 hardsuit has one fitted into the right arm.

Mythical bloodsucking beasts, blamed by the more hysterical newspapers for the attacks of the DD battlemover.

Vanette, Lisa
Niece of AD Police Chief Toodou, Lisa is 18 when we meet her at the end of 2033. Although still at school, she intends to follow in her father's footsteps and become a photojournalist. After an unfortunate incident, she vows to expose the true identity of the Knight Sabers and uses her uncle in an attempt to visit boomer crime scenes where the Knight Sabers are likely to appear.
Lisa discovers that Nene is one of the Knight Sabers, and almost drives her into a nervous breakdown in her attempts to prove it. However, a meeting with Sylia and the bravery of Nene in her attempt to save the AD Police from destruction at the hands of Dr Miriam Yoshida and his boomers convinces her that the Knight Sabers are in fact on the side of good.

Vanette, Mr
Lisa's father and a news photographer, who inspired his daughter to follow in his footsteps. He is the brother-in-law of ADP Chief Toodou.

Two-way TV communications terminal, as common in the 2030s as telephones today. High volume of traffic still leads to bandwidth limitations, often resulting in slight picture degradation or glitching.

Fashion label.

Stage name of Reika Chang.

Vulcan Cannon
Triple-barrel 20mm cannon mounted on Firebee gunships. Its movements are slaved to the pilot's head movements.

Vulcan Laser
Colonel Lando's weapon of choice, a triple-barrel rotary laser designed to produce maximum firepower output for the minimum risk of overheating. A weapon this size can only be used by a mobile suit, or a battle boomer.

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