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Sakamoto, Ryouichi
Former owner of a Griffon sports car (and possibly the world's youngest professor - he's only 19).

State of emergency at the ADP headquarters, reserved for terrorist attacks on the building itself.

Make of car. It's 'all foot', whatever that means.

A Genom executive, in charge of operations concerning the Alex supercomputer at the Genom Building. Murdered by Armstrong (in his humanoid body) when he refused to reveal the computer's access codes.

Saturn Wheel
A high-tech big wheel at the Mega Tokyo funfair.

Schwarz, Commander (aka Swarz)
The head of Japan's branch of USSD, Schwarz was forced to resort to hiring mercenaries - the Knight Sabers - when official channels failed to locate F G Frederick and Cynthia [due to pressure from Genom]. The deal nearly collapsed before it began when Nene realised his men were trying to learn the secrets of their hardsuits, but he offered them an extra 20 million yen to stay.
Following the destruction of Aqua City, the loss of Cynthia and the 'black box' control system to Genom agents and a satellite attack on the Kawasaki industrial zone, Schwarz resigned from his post to avoid further scandal.

Restaurant renowned for its desserts.

Small, low-power motorbike, usually 50cc or less. Nene rode around on one.

Scout Boomers
Modified versions of the Ebisu labour boomers, used by Dr Yoshida to gather data on the capabilities of the Knight Sabers' hardsuits.

Vehicle wrecking site in the fault line, under the end of Highway 5.

The Space Development Public Corporation, a government-run company dealing with the exploitation of space. It controls the Genaros space station (and at least four other orbital facilities), as well as the Moonbase. Its policies are heavily influenced by Genom.

Second Generation Boomer
Dr Haynes's Adama was the first of these; unlike previous boomers that had a semi-biological AI comparable with humans, second generation boomers used a fully inorganic AI system rather than the human-derived brains of their predecessors.

Second Great Kanto Earthquake
The full name of the quake that levelled much of Tokyo in 2025, killing Priss's parents and splitting the city in two along the new fault line. There was speculation that the quake was deliberately started by Genom, but any evidence of this was destroyed by a combat boomer in early 2027.

Section Chief
Nene's boss, a man who has no appreciation for the double life of our favourite redhead, insisting she catch up on the paperwork at inconvenient times.

Section 3
ADP division. Leon and Daley are apparently part of this unit.

Security Shutters
Tough barricades that drop from the ceiling to isolate any or all sections of the ADP building. Intended to guard against terrorist attack, they were turned against the ADP when Dr Yoshida's boomers took over the building.

Damage monitor system at the Tokyo Atomic Plant.

Self Destruct Device
1: Powerful explosive device built into the GD-42 mecha, capable of taking out a city block.
2: Last resort thermonuclear bomb built into Lando's boomeroid body, capable of destroying everything in a three km radius.

Massive waste-disposal complex serving Mega Tokyo's 45 million inhabitants. Priss was understandably less than thrilled about having to search for Adama in them.

Another name for the 33-S series of boomers. Use your imagination to guess what they were mostly used for.

Shaft D-9
Roadway aboard space station Genaros.

Shaft F-3
Roadway aboard space station Genaros. Leads to Port 6 of the station's spaceport.

District of Mega Tokyo. Tickets for Vision's concert were on sale here.

One of Reika Chang's associates in her quest for vengeance.

A young boy, surname unknown, befriended by Priss in 2032. He lived with his mother until she was killed when Genom demolished their apartment building, after which Priss placed him in an orphanage [the same one she went to?].

Sho's mother
An employee at one of Genom's factories, Sho's mother is widowed, and came to the city to earn money for her son, hoping that they could some day move to the country. Her dreams ended when she was killed by a falling roof - she had returned to her apartment, which Genom were demolishing, to get her money, and was caught when the building partly collapsed. Her death was a catalyst for the Knight Sabers to make a direct attack on Brian J Mason, the man responsible for the demolition order.

Shock Plates
Devices worn by Mason's female boomer bodyguards that not only act as impromptu knuckledusters, but also deliver a powerful electric charge.

Shooting Range
Situated in one of the sub-basements of the ADP building, this was one of Leon's favourite places to relax... until the new Chief decided to replace expensive live ammo with videogame lightguns.

Silky Doll
A lingerie shop owned by Sylia Stingray, located in the Ladys 633 building.

Silky Doll Wagon
1: Small van used by Sylia Stingray to transport the Knight Sabers' hardsuits and other equipment to trouble spots. Replaced by a larger unmarked truck as it was too conspicuous.
2: Customised version of the above, fitted with ridiculously large twin turbos and used by Sylia and Mackie to race in the Genom Trophy Rally.

Simizu Building
District 3 office building under contruction in 2034. The contruction boomers here were among the first to fall victim to Largo's AI virus.

Sister Complex
A psychological affliction that Mackie absolutely denies having.

Sixth AD Police Mobile Force
An ADP armoured division.

SK Avenue
Shopping street where the Highway Patrol first encountered J B Gibson's Griffon.

Sky Carrier
A large, ex-military VTOL used by Sylia as a heavily-armed mobile base. It can carry all the Knight Sabers' gear, and be flown by Sylia or Mackie.

Registration number of Leon McNichol's motorbike.

Smith, David
ADP support officer. Nene hacked into the computer to make it seem she had worked a particular shift instead of him.

Powerful crescent-shaped explosive devices released from a pod on the right arm of Priss's Evolution 1 hardsuit. They have a strong adhesive coating, making them very hard to remove from the target once primed.

Smut Tape Inn
Strangely-named pub in the Perche building.

The Japanese equivalent of having one's ears go red. Both Nene and Leon suffered this complaint.

Snow White
Fairy tale character whom the Disney corporation would dearly love to trademark if they could.

Establishment near the Discovery Hotel.

Solar Panels
Many buildings in Mega Tokyo have these on their roofs, to reduce their energy bills.

Mystery product, heavily advertised in 2034. Its logo is a yellow triangle on a black background.

Special Felony Crimes Elite Team
Original name for the police unit that eventually became the AD Police.

Speeding Ticket
Something that Priss receives with depressing regularity.

Spencer, Freddie
Owner of a Griffon sports car. Born in 1958.

Star Soldier 21
A childs' videogame.

Station 1
ADP radio callsign for AD Police headquarters.

Expensive food popular with winners of paintball games, especially if they don't have to pay for it.

Stingray, Dr Katsuhito
The father of Sylia and Mackie Stingray, Dr Stingray, born in 1983, worked for Genom in the days before they became a major economic power, and was the genius who developed the first artificial intelligence systems for the boomer. Stingray's ideal was that boomers would become friends of humanity, helping them fulfil their potential and not have to waste their lives. Genom, on the other hand, had only money in mind. Dr Stingray was murdered by Brian J Mason [on the orders of Quincy] in May 2022 so that Genom could have total control over the development and sale of boomers.
However, Dr Stingray had obviously suspected that his life was in danger, and devised a contingency plan. He arranged for a data unit to be sent to Sylia that contained details of Genom's intentions for the future, including plans of Genom Tower and schematics for a prototype hardsuit.
[Dr Stingray carried out some kind of procedure on Sylia that allows her to process information far faster than any normal human. The process is somehow related to the manufacture of boomer AI, but far more advanced.]
Dr Stingray's research assistants were Dr Haynes and Dr Yuri, who both went on to very different fields of boomer research. No details are known about Stingray's wife.

Stingray, Mackie
The younger brother of Sylia, born in 2017. Mackie acts in a support role for the Knight Sabers at first, driving them to combat zones and helping his sister with building and maintaining the hardsuits and motoroids. Later, though, he starts to take a more active role in missions, acquiring a heavy-duty hardsuit of his own.
As a healthy and fairly normal teenager, Mackie has all the usual hormones, so always being in the company of beautiful women is a situation that suits him no end. He takes any opportunity he can get to peek at the Knight Sabers when they're changing (although his friendship with Nene causes him the odd moment of guilt over this).
Mackie is a skilled technician, occupying his spare time on projects such as the Highway Star motorbike, which ultimately plays a major part in stopping the rampage of J B Gibson. In 2034, Mackie went to Germany to work with Dr Geary, a colleague of his father. He was instrumental in developing countermeasures to Largo's sensor-defeating AI.

Stingray, Sylia
DOB: 31 May 2010
Height: 179cm/5'9"
The daughter of Dr Katsuhito Stingray, and older sister of Mackie, Sylia is the leader of the Knight Sabers, and creator of the hardsuits which make the team such fearsome warriors. Sylia owns the Silky Doll lingerie shop, but this is merely a cover for her mercenary activities - she also has access to her father's substantial holdings, which funded her development of the hardsuits.
Following her father's murder by Brian J Mason, the 12-year old Sylia was sent a data unit which contained encrypted information, implanted subliminally, about Genom's plans and details of how to build the hardsuits [which activated some kind of brain-enhancement procedure Dr Stingray had performed on Sylia]. Over the following years, Sylia built up a secret financial empire and a network of underground contacts such as Fargo, and around 2030 began to recruit the other members of the Knight Sabers.
Sylia has taken in upon herself to counteract Genom's corruption of her father's work in creating the boomers, and while the Knight Sabers are often called upon by individuals and organisations to carry out operations for money, the destruction of rogue boomers is a task they perform for free when the AD Police are not up to the task.
Mason, and later Largo, discover Sylia's identity - the former wishes to eliminate her, as she is the last link that can tie him to the murder of Dr Stingray, and the latter realises that her unique status (a human who can think and reason with the speed, precision and logic of a boomer) when combined with his will be the final step in the creation of an entirely new lifeform that could replace humanity. Sylia, however, is not keen on either of these plans, and eventually kills both Mason and his cyberneticised alter ego. She is, in fact, the only member of the Knight Sabers known to have killed a human being (Mason and Dr Yuri), though in both cases it was in self-defence.
Sylia enjoys swimming, drinks tea and owns a vintage Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. She lives above Silky Doll in a large apartment with a swimming pool [and owns many other properties as well through shell corporations]. While she often comes across as cold and emotionless, she is driven by a desire for justice and has a strong moral code.

Street punks
Gangs of disaffected youths prowl many of Mega Tokyo's streets. One gang sold Adama to a rippertech, and another group was killed by a malfunctioning boomer which had been taken over by Largo's AI.

A man-portable railgun, used by Leon. So named because 'it takes guts to use it'.

Strawberry Sundae
Dessert enjoyed by Nene, especially if someone else is paying.

St Regis Hotel
Extremely expensive luxury hotel. There is an equally expensive coffee shop on the fifth floor, and an outdoor swimming pool. Dr McLaren stayed in room 2011.

Struggle Combat Mode
Oddly phrased, but entirely accurate, hardsuit HUD mode.

Studio Omega
Studio where Priss recorded what she hoped would be her first mainstream hit.

Sub Control Room
Secondary computer room on the 20th floor of the ADP building. Nene was able to regain control of Andy 2000 from here.

Sunken City
Area of Mega Tokyo at the eastern end of the fault line, where part of old Tokyo dropped into the bay. The ruined buildings are still standing, even though their lower floors are underwater.

Sun Tower Hotel
Used as a rendezvous for Leon's date with Iris Cara on March 15th 2028. Although they made it to the restaurant, Leon's plans to make use of one the rooms as well were scuppered by a terrorist takeover of the nearby Genom Building.

1: More advanced version of the C-series combat boomer, codenamed Bu-99CX1, developed in part by the fiance of Irene Chang. The red prototype was fitted with the Black Box satellite control system, and destroyed by the Knight Sabers.
2: Generic term for boomers with abilities beyond the norm. Quincy asked Largo if he was a superboomer, but he disliked the term, preferring 'cyberdroid'.

Super CAD System II
Computer Aided Design program used by Ebisu, and also by Dr Yoshida to create his combat boomers. From the speed at which he built them, it must also be tied in directly to the machinery that actually builds the boomers.

Mainframe device used to create Adama, and the only machine into which he can download his data. It is located on sublevel 41 of Geo City.

Super Deluxe Genom Trophy
The prize in the Genom Trophy Rally, this rather hideous sculpture of Quincy supported by boomers, atop Genom Tower, is still worth 10 billion yen. Little wonder our heroines will sink to any depths to win it.

Super Fusion
Ability possessed by Largo and his Ultraboomers, which allowed him to absorb organic, as well as inorganic, matter. It also allowed him to take over the minds of his victims.

Nene's immediate superior in the data processing department, a tall, dark-haired woman with very strict standards on the presentation of paperwork.

Survival Shot
Paintball combat arena situated on top of a building. It has holographic walls to simulate all lighting conditions. It also does a rather good steak.

Suspension Tank
Liquid-filled transparent tube used by Largo to maintain his damaged organic systems after his battle with the Knight Sabers.

A 33-S Sexaroid boomer, Sylvie escaped Genaros in a stolen shuttle along with the wounded Anri and the prototype DD battlemover. Sylvie used the DD as a means of keeping Anri alive - although 33-S boomers are "maintenance free", if their circulatory systems are damaged they cannot naturally replenish their blood supplies, so Sylvie was forced to kill innocent people in order to drain their blood and keep Anri alive. This inevitably gave rise to rumours of vampires.
Sylvie was befriended by Priss, who was unaware of her true nature. Her ultimate aim was to obtain a datadisk, which held information on how to repair Anri, eliminating the need to constantly hunt for fresh blood. She stole the disk from Flint's office, but was pursued by boomers, Leon and ultimately the Knight Sabers, taking them on in the DD. To stop the mecha, Priss was forced to kill her friend - the fusion between the AI of the battlemover and Sylvie's own mind meant that when one died, so to did the other.

Street in District 8 where a boomer went on the rampage.

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