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Waitress boomer
A low-cost unit designed for simple serving duties. Some models have a built-in coffee maker, one of which ruined Leon McNichol's hot java enjoyment at the Piss coffeehouse. The same boomer later malfunctioned (as a result of Largo's subversion of the Tokyo Net), and force-fed its owner a pot of scalding hot coffee.

Walkway 2
Entrance to the Genom Military Laboratory.

As well as acting as timepieces, watches of the 2030s also often contain beepers.

West Area
Rather generalised description of part of the city where Leon and his unit were decoyed from the ADP building, so that Dr Yoshida would find less resistance when he sent his boomers in to take over the building.

West Germany
See Germany.

Wheelie Bars
Control aid sported by the Highway Star and the souped-up Silky Doll Wagon, designed to stop the vehicles flipping over when full power is applied.

Formula 1 racing team. Brian J Mason has one of their late 1980s cars in his office.

Willys MB
1: Name of an American WW2 Jeep.
2: Codename under which data on the DD battlemover is kept.

Wiz Laboratories
Transliteration of Uizu Laboratories.

Wolf, Andy
ADP support officer.

Wong, Daley
Daley is Leon McNichol's partner, and would like to become so in more than just the official sense - Daley is gay - although Leon has not accepted the invitation as yet. However, they are close friends.
Daley is more level-headed and politically astute than Leon, and has acted as a buffer between Leon and the Chief on more than one occasion. His exact rank is unknown, although by the end of 2033 he seemed to be on a par with Leon, commanding a unit of his own.
Daley sometimes wears glasses, and has a tattoo of a rose on his right arm.

Wrightson, Bernie
ADP support officer.

WWO Express
On-line newspaper.

Point near Gate 34 West in the Tokyo Atomic Plant, where the Knight Sabers began their last stand against Largo's forces.

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