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Nakamura, Ms
News reporter for KBS.

33-S boomer killed while trying to escape from space station Genaros.

Nene's friend and colleague at the ADP. She likes to see live bands, is a huge fan of Vision, and wants to set her best friend up with a man, to Nene's annoyance. Surname unknown.

Body part which, for the heroes of BGC, is specially strengthened and can resist hammer-blow punches from boomers, whiplash injury from falls, penetration by battlemover claws and even bullets.

Affectionate nickname for Nene, usually used by Leon when he's either chatting her up or blackmailing her.

21st century military bloc comprising Japan, the nations of the EU and the United States.

Neural Jacks
Cerebral implants that when used in conjunction with special drugs allow human minds to interface directly with computer networks. Fashionable during the cyborgisation craze of the 2020s, they fell out of favour by the early 2030s, not least because they rendered the user vulnerable to illegal (but lethal) intrusion countermeasures electronics. More advanced user interfaces meant that non-augmented hackers (good ones, anyway) could operate just as effectively with much less risk and without the need for narcotics.

Night's City Road, The
One of the nightclubs where Priss began her singing career.

Nintendo Game Boy
Pocket-sized videogame machine. It has survived for nearly 40 years purely on the strength of Tetris.

Manufacturer of unexciting cars (apart from the Skyline) that advertised its wares at the finish line of the Genom Trophy Rally.

Nobel Prize For Science
Award that Dr Raven claims to have won.

Noyaki Steakhouse
Establishment on 26th Street where Priss met Leon for brunch. Good but expensive.

No 2 Surgery
Accident and Emergency unit in the Mega Tokyo General Hospital. Follow the blue line.

N Police
Or 'police' to the man on the street. The 'N' stands for 'normal' - regular cops are understandably reluctant to use this term. There is a certain amount of rivalry between N Police and the ADP, the former feeling that the latter get more than their fair share of funding and media attention. Plus they get to fire off weapons and destroy property with impunity. No fair!

ADP officer. Part of Leon's team in the assault on the Genom Building in 2028.

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