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Type of boomer used for space development work.

ADP unit led by the cyborgised Billy Fernwood. Acted as a heavy weapons squad.

Game Center
Video arcade frequented by Nene in her lunch hours. Located within a few blocks of ADP headquarters.

Police boomer pursuit unit aboard space station Genaros. Killed when he crashed into a barrier while pursuing escaped sexaroid boomers.

Gardner, Wayne
Owner of a Griffon sports car.

Breed of stuffed cat found inside cars, usually stuck to the windows.

21st century fuel, replacing petrol/gas. It is a mixture of petroleum and ethanol, and although usable does not deliver especially high performance unless given additives. Dr Raven has a formula for this.

Gateway 2000
1990s manufacturer of PCs, whose 'cow-style' packaging influenced the designers of some of Linna's favorite outfits. Gateway machines are often found in hospital ER wards.

Gate 34 West
The point where Largo began his attack on the Tokyo Atomic Plant, using the Brumm Bar boring machine.

Combat mecha built by the Chang Group, and winner of a competitive contract with the US military. The mecha has four highly agile legs and a crab-like body, and is armed with a Vulcan cannon, high-power lasers, grenade launchers and a set of semi-organic prehensile 'tentacles' of great strength. It has a crew of two, and has enough armour to deflect boomer weaponry and even a hardsuit railgun. Its self-destruct system is powerful enough to demolish a city block. A modified version of the basic unit was used in a revenge attack on Genom and Gulf & Bradley by Reika Chang and Kou. The pair entered another in the Genom Trophy Rally, but it was knocked out (literally) when it drove into a tunnel (again literally) on Mount Genomanjaro.

Geary, Dr
Former research partner of Dr Haynes, now head of a boomer research institute in Germany.

Massive space station operated by SDPC, one of at least five SDPC orbital facilities. It acts as a supply centre for the Moonbase. The huge structure is conical in shape, gravity being provided by centrifugal force from the station's rotation.

Alternative spelling of Genaros.

Nickname for the GD-42 mecha. Literally translated, it means 'dark devil'.

The world's most powerful corporation, headed by Chairman Quincy. As well as owning the patents to boomer technology, Genom also produces 68% of the world's cars, and has many major military contracts. It was instrumental in the reconstruction of Tokyo after the 2025 earthquake.

Genom Building
Tower block used as an interim operations headquarters while Genom Tower was under construction. It was built to house Genom's Alex supercomputer, and overlooks the Sun Tower Hotel.

Genom Co Ltd
Official name of Genom.

Genom Corporate Research Centre
A large building on the outskirts of Mega Tokyo, involved in boomer research and various military projects. It was destroyed by a satellite strike fired by Largo. GCRC is the headquarters of the Genom Production Control Centre (GPCC).

Genom Deluxe Super Boomer Car X
The vehicle that Boomer X drove for his company in the Genom Trophy Rally. As well a thermonuclear engine, booster rockets, boomer-muscle active suspension and a hyper- ultranium chassis, it also sported tyre-slashing spikes and a black box system.

Genom Development Complex
Huge artificial island in Tokyo Bay, built so that Genom could test their products without endangering the public (and also away from prying eyes). It cost over 700 billion yen to contruct, and was badly damaged by the self-destruct system of Reika Chang's GD-42. Part of the complex was a city-like mock battle arena, the booby-traps of which aided its accidental demolition.

Genom Enterprises
Catch-all name for the business operations of Genom.

Genom Industrial Complex No 3
A large warehouse on the waterfront in Kawasaki, where combat boomers and other high-tech equipment was stored prior to shipping. The warehouse was destroyed with a bomb by Largo's Hyperboomers, disguised as the Knight Sabers.

Genom Military Laboratory
Another research centre, possibly replacing GCRC after its destruction. It was used as a base of operations to build the prototype Boomer Giant.

Genom Production Control Centre
A division of Genom based at GCRC, and headed by Flint. GPCC was used as a cover by Flint and his cronies for illegal arms trading, the weapons being shipped through the Genaros space station.

Genom Racing Bike
Motorbike stolen by Priss to escape from a boomer.

Genom Real Estate
Genom's property management division.

Genom Tower
Headquarters of Genom, and the model for similar Towers around the world. Over a kilometre high, the truncated conical structure contains boomer manufacturing plants as well as offices. Quincy's office is at the summit. External elevators and a spiral roadway run up the outside of the Tower, and it is flanked by three only slightly less gargantuan tower blocks. Even nearly a decade after first ground was broken, the immense building is still under construction. Similar (but smaller) Towers are situated in economically advantageous positions around the world, including New York, London, Paris and Moscow. At least three Towers (Berlin, Chicago and Sydney) were destroyed by Largo in 2033.

Genom Tower, Berlin
Subsidiary offices of Genom in West Germany. Destroyed by a satellite attack ordered by Largo.

Genom Tower, Chicago
Subsidiary offices of Genom in the American mid-west. Destroyed by a satellite attack ordered by Largo.

Genom Tower, Sydney
Subsidiary offices of Genom in Australia. Destroyed by a satellite attack ordered by Largo.

Genom Trophy Rally
Gruelling 500km cross-country motor race organised by Genom, the prize being the incredibly valuable Super Deluxe Genom Trophy. It ran from K-120 to Bangor, passing over Mount Genomanjaro and the Dead Teck Desert.

Geo City
A huge multipurpose arcology, with a large tower above ground and an even larger complex descending 300 metres down. As well as shops and residential units, Geo City houses health spas, a golf course and even a military testing ground.

The largest and most powerful nation in western Europe. Reunified in the early 1990s, it apparently divided once again into East and West at some point in the 21st century. There is a boomer research institute here, headed by Dr Geary, an old colleague of Dr Stingray.

Feeble paranormal excuse Lisa Vanette used to justify her hanging around outside Raven's Garage at 1am waiting for the Knight Sabers.

Naomi Anderson's nickname for her boyfriend, J B Gibson.

Gibson, J B
A cybertechnician and sports car enthusiast, Gibson became obsessed with revenge after Naomi, his girlfriend, was injured in an attack by Outriders in 2032. He spent the next six months transforming his Griffon sports car into a wheeled engine of vengeance, gradually adding on armour and cybernetic systems. The procedure culminated with the installation of an MFS control system that gave the car a degree of intelligence; unfortunately, it also acquired its owner's rage and hatred.
The Highway Patrol were unable to stop Gibson, so they called in the ADP to destroy the Griffon and its driver. The Knight Sabers were called in by Dr Raven, a friend of Gibson, to stop the Griffon's rampage before anyone else got killed. When Gibson finally returned to his senses, the car tried to force him to continue by trapping him inside on a collision course with an ADP roadblock, but he and Naomi were rescued by Priss and the car was destroyed by the AD Police. Gibson was then arrested.
Gibson was originally an engineer, who lived in Area 20. He was 28 when he was arrested.

Genom board member.

Glory Bank
Large financial institution in Kabuto. It is guarded by boomers, and amongst its stocks of currency also stores gold bullion and high-tech research equipment. Some wag once swapped around the letters in the bank's sign so it read 'Groly'. Those street punks, eh?

Classified Genom security file relating to the analysis of the Knight Sabers' hardsuits.

Gonzales, Jose
ADP support officer.

Goodwin, Archie
ADP support officer.

Acronym for Genom Production Control Centre.

GPP Express
On-line newspaper.

Model of Kawasaki racing bike. Priss was riding one of these when she had the misfortune of getting busted for speeding by Nene.

Gravity Beam
Weapon possessed by Largo and his Hyperboomers, which, like fusion powers, seems to defy even 2033's physics. Still, it's on screen, so it must be true... The gravity beam creates shockwaves powerful enough to smash steel, concrete, and even hardsuit armour.

Great Britain
Island nation which is bigger than most Americans think. Although Genom has a subsidiary Tower in London, the country didn't feature in the plans of Brian J Mason, as it was left off his world domination map. The software company Omni is based in the UK.

Great Kanto Earthquake
Strictly speaking, this was the second Great Kanto Earthquake, the first taking place a century earlier. The 2025 quake, however, was vastly more destructive, pushing the death toll to over the million mark and flattening large areas of Tokyo, the cost running into trillions of yen. Genom's spearheading of the post-quake reconstruction led to it becoming first Japan's pre-eminent economic power, and then the world's most powerful corporation.
Genom had bought up land in strategic areas before the quake, leading to speculation that the corporation had somehow engineered the earthquake in order to capitalise on the 'disaster'. However, people who came into possession of this kind of information tended not to live long enough to voice their suspicions.

Green Food (aka Food Green)
Large multinational engaged in the production of food. It is unknown if Soylent is one of their products.

A special type of the usual explosive device, designed to snap onto the muzzle of a handgun so it can be fired using the force of a standard bullet rather than having to be thrown. Leon's .44 Magnum had this capability, as did Priss's Member-II.

Griffon II
Make of imported sports car from the early 21st century. There are four registed in Mega Tokyo. J B Gibson turned his unregistered Griffon into a cybernetically enhanced killing machine, capable of over 300kmh.

Guardian Boomers
Mannequin-type boomers employed as security guards within the ADP building. They were not immune to the AI virus, unfortunately, and caused some damage to the building before being destroyed by Leon.

Gulf & Bradley Chairman
A large and ostentatious Texan, the chairman of the Gulf & Bradley corporation arranged a deal with Genom to co-produce a new type of combat boomer in 2033, a programme headed by Dr McLaren. He was murdered mere minutes after signing the deal by Reika Chang and Kou, in a long-planned revenge attack for the assassination of Reika's parents.

Gulf & Bradley Corp
American megacorp based in Houston, Texas. Its power comes from its near-monopoly on the worldwide oil and fuel market, but it has also branched into other areas, such as space development (it has a contract with SDPC concerning at least one of SPDC's five space stations) and boomer manufacture. Its headquarters are located on Oriens and 42nd.

Gus Oil
Subsidiary of Gulf & Bradley which operates a chain of gas stations.

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