Bubblegum Crisis A2Z - O

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Unappetising-sounding fast food served from vending machines.

A covert operations boomer, probably a 55-C. Destroyed by Largo.

Omni/Omuni Co Ltd
Successful British firm involved, amongst other things, with the development of a next-generation boomer AI in conjunction with Zone Corporation and the Japanese government.

Late-night basement establishment next to a used boomer store.

Inaccurate acronym for the Overmind Control System, a Genom-built device of enormous, but undescribed, power. The most commonly proposed theory is that it is a machine which allows the user to remotely control any boomer anywhere in the world, while another is that it enables a human mind to be transferred into a digital form. A third, less likely, possibility is that it actually allows the user to control the mind of other humans. Knowledge of its existence is limited to the very highest levels of Genom.

Orca IV
Space shuttle registered to SDPC. Crash-landed outside Mega Tokyo after being stolen from Genaros.

Where Priss leaves Sho after his mother is killed.

A gang of bikers who alternate between showing off their bikes for impressionable kids on the city streets and prowling the largely deserted superhighways, looking for trouble with any motorists foolish enough to enter their turf. Their numbers were considerably reduced by J B Gibson and his modified Griffon sports car, retaliating for an earlier attack that injured Naomi Anderson, his girlfriend.

Owner's Card
Registration document, required when an owner takes his or her boomer onto Mega Tokyo's streets if it does not normally work there.

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