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Type of boomer used for space development work.

Fall Traffic Safety Campaign
Ruse used by Nene to slow up her opponents in the Genom Trophy Rally, imposing a 50kph speed limit on the race. It worked, even fooling her fellow officers.

Sylia's middleman between the Knight Sabers and their clients, Fargo is a scruffy, unassuming man with many contacts in the corporate and criminal worlds. It is Fargo who brings potential clients to Sylia, and it is he who arranges for payment to be made into Sylia's accounts. He has a penchant for arranging meetings with Sylia in ever more unusual locations.
Fargo first met with Sylia on a beach one winter. He is attracted to her, but she is unlikely to reciprocate.

Fault Line
A huge crack in the ground that bisects the city of Mega Tokyo into north and south regions. It was created in the Second Great Kanto Earthquake of 2025. Although partly flooded by the waters of Tokyo Bay, and used by people as a convenient dump site, parts of the fault line have already been redeveloped (land still being at a premium in Japan). Raven's Garage is built in the fault. The redeveloped part of the fault is sometimes called Timex City.

FA 307
Registration of an ADP mini-pato once used by Nene.

The American Federal Bureau of Investigation. Still the country's main law enforcement agency.

Feminine Intuition
Ability Daley Wong claimed to possess.

Italian manufacturer of high-performance cars. They are still competitive in Grand Prix racing.

Fernwood, Billy
ADP captain and amateur boxer, and lover of Jeena Malso. Fernwood was terminally injured in 2027, undergoing an experimental procedure to transplant his brain into a boomer body. The only other living part of him was his tongue, which he bit to experience pain - a reminder of his humanity. However, the lack of sensory information drive him insane. He was eventually killed by Jeena after rampaging through the ADP building.

Lightly armoured one-man ADP helicopter gunship, small enough to be transported to combat zones by truck. Although armed with a 20mm Vulcan cannon, it is still ineffective against modern combat boomers.

Fire Extinguisher
Useful for confusing the sensors of combat boomers as well as the obvious purpose.

Winner of the Genom Trophy Rally. Linna and Nene had a bit of a battle over who was to get him, which Linna won... only to find he was an old man, which (literally) shattered her. Come on, Linna... he's now a rich old man! Surely you could cope with that for a few years?

Flick Knife
A weapon used by Priss in the days before she joined the Knight Sabers. She attempted to use it on Sylia after being run off the road by her at their first meeting - fortunately, their relationship improved after then.

Head of GPCC, Flint was also in charge of a secret group within Genom selling illegal weapons around the world via the Genaros space station and his government puppet Kaufman. His plan to sell the prototype DD battlemover to a communist nation fell apart when the mecha, and the shuttle it was being smuggled in, was stolen by a group of 33-S boomers (led by Sylvie) attempting to flee Genaros and crash-landed near Mega Tokyo.
Flint suffered some kind of seizure when Sylvie broke into his office [as a result of a powerful pheremone used by the Sexaroid], and was removed from his post shortly afterwards.

FM 082-30
Frequency for Houston radio station T-Wave.

An early witness to the Boomer Revolution, when the contruction boomers he was overseeing went berserk on the 23rd floor of the Simizu contruction site.

Formula 1 Grand Prix
Motor racing event still hugely popular in Japan.

Fosse, Bob
ADP support officer.

Frankenstein's Monster
Description of the Genom/G&B boomer by one of its technicians. Unlike Mary Shelley's fictional creature, this one didn't turn on its creators, unfortunately.

Frazetta, Frank
ADP support officer. Possibly a relation of the noted comic artist.

Frederick, F G
Ostensibly an employee of USSD, Frederick is actually a tool of Mason, used to steal the 'black box' that is the key to controlling the laser satellites. Frederick is no ordinary boomer - he is fusion capable to an enormous degree.
Frederick was cornered in Aqua City by the Knight Sabers, and used his fusion powers to turn the derelict floating conurbation into a monstrous version of his own body. He was destroyed when Priss took a motoroid into his core and blew away his CPU.

Freedom Arms .22 Magnum Revolver
Little-seen small four-shot pistol carried by Sylia for self-defence.

Frilly Dress
Something Priss absolutely refuses to wear.

Fuel Cell Generators
Emergency power source for the ADP headquarters. If set to overload, the explosion would be capable of demolishing the entire building.

Funy Day
Burger joint frequented by Priss Asagiri and Leon McNichol. Open all hours.

Furnace Room
Lowest basement of the ADP building. Billy Fernwood's rampage ended here.

Ability possessed by some boomers to absorb inorganic matter and electronic/ mechanical objects, making them part of their own bodies. The most likely explanation for this hard-to-rationalise technique is some form of nanotechnology breaking down and reconfiguring matter at a near-molecular level.

Writer of songs for idol singers.

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