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Earth Shaker
Weapon of choice of Leon McNichol, using 15.3mm armour-piercing bullets. At first he used a three-shot revolver, but later switched to an automatic version.

East Germany
See Germany.

Ebarce, Caroline
Chief Executive of Green, who had undergone many cybernetic replacements in order to compete more effectively. Unfortunately, this also had the side effect of filling her with self-hatred when her husband began having sex with more 'human' hookers. She took out her frustrations by mutilating prostitutes on the Paradise Loop, and because her body was more than 70% cybernetic, was classified as a boomeroid and hunted by the ADP. She was raped and killed by cyberpunks on the Paradise Loop.

Ebisu Mechatronics
A Genom subsidiary that produces cheap labour boomers. Dr Miriam Yoshida worked here, and felt his boss was holding him back and taking credit for his achievements. Ebisu was rated as Genom's most efficient company, largely thanks to Dr Yoshida.

An anti-boomer weapon designed to trap its target in a weighted net, which is then charged with a high-intensity electric field. It is fired from a special launcher.

Electrified ninja star-type weapon built into Linna's Evolution 2 hardsuit to augment her monomol ribbons. The edges can penetrate most armour, and a cable then delivers a massive charge to the target, which is capable of overloading and destroying most boomer systems.

Elevator Shaft Ladder
Last-resort emergency evacuation route from the ADP building. Rather inconveniently located on the far side of the shaft from the doors, requiring a leap of faith to reach it.

Employee of the Glory Bank.

EM Cannon
Shoulder-mounted weapons fitted to Nene's Evolution 2 hardsuit, which fire a tightly-focussed electromagnetic pulse on specific frequencies, allowing it to burn out even shielded electronic gear (such as boomer systems) and also cause physical damage to many objects through microwave heating effects.

Multimedia corporation apparently still active in 2033. One of Linna's many boyfriends was a director.

An experimental combat boomer developed by Dr Yuri. Although powerful, its artificial intelligence was lacking, so Yuri planned to augment it with the AI system built into Adama. The boomer was destroyed at Geo City by Priss.
The EM-302 was armed with a rotary cannon, a high-power laser and a grappling claw capable of crushing even a combat boomer.

Energy Cannon
Rifle-like add-on for Priss's Evolution 2 hardsuit, capable of firing a much more powerful shot than the suit's standard weapons.

Energy Shield
ECCM system in Nene's Evolution 2 hardsuit that can disrupt incoming energy weapons, up to a point.

Information technology company. Engaged in a mergers and acquisitions programme in 2034 that was not to Linna's liking.

Evolution 1 Hardsuits
The first set of hardsuit upgrades. Priss received hers when her old suit was destroyed in the battle with Largo and his Hyperboomers, while the other Knight Sabers got upgrades just before Dr Miriam Yoshida's attack on ADP headquarters. While most of the changes were systems upgrades and a general streamlining of the design, Nene also decided to change the colour of her suit's body from purple to red.

Evolution 2 Hardsuits
The second set of hardsuit upgrades. Sylia completed them in time for the reformed Knight Sabers to take on the Illegal Army in 2034. Although considerably more powerful than the earlier suits, they were nowhere near as stylish.

E-Use, The
Mega Tokyo shop.

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