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Hand Cannon
Rapid-firing 35mm 'handgun' (even though it is a couple of feet in length) used exclusively by the Typhoon-II motoroid.

District of Mega Tokyo.

Incredibly light, strong and fast powered armour (certainly in comparison with any of the competition) originally designed by Dr Stingray and developed to extremes even he couldn't have imagined by his daughter Sylia. Each member of the Knight Sabers has their own personalised armour, designed to augment their individual strengths.
The hardsuits have undergone periodic upgrades and redesigns - the first upgrade, Evolution 1, went first to Priss after her original suit was destroyed in her battle with Largo in 2033, and the others got their new suits in December that year. The Evolution 2 upgrades came in 2034, adding even more firepower and capabilities (at the expense of styling).
Priss's hardsuits have always been blue, with aggressive red striping on the helmet. Her hardsuits are optimised for delivering firepower and taking heavy punishment - she is in effect the 'tank' of the group.
Sylia's hardsuits are a pale green or grey in colour. Hers and Linna's are the only suits that are fully flight-capable, Sylia's using a pair of extending jet thrusters - the others can only manage booster-assisted jumps. Sylia's suit is effectively the baseline from which all the others are derived - it is an all-rounder, able to fulfil the functions of any of the others, though with slightly less ability (Sylia's natural talents usually make up for this).
Linna wears sleek green hardsuits with gold mylar faceplates. Her suits are designed to support her acrobatic martial fighting style, mostly eschewing ranged weapons (apart from a trio of lasers) in favour of monomolecular-edged blades, ribbons and ninja stars that can literally cut an opponent to pieces. If Priss is the tank of the team, Linna is the jet fighter.
Continuing the aircraft analogy, Nene is the team's AWACS and Wild Weasel, acting as a walking electronic warfare unit. As a result of her suit's massively boosted sensors, ECM and ECCM systems, her offensive weaponry is very limited, but since she's not much cop in a fight anyway this isn't the handicap it sounds. Her first hardsuit was purple with pink legs; her Evolution models changed the purple for a more striking red. Since she's the least skilled at combat, perhaps making her hardsuit the most noticeable thing on the battlefield wasn't one of her brightest ideas, but she's always survived so far...

Haynes, Dr
One of Dr Stingray's former research assistants, Haynes devoted his career to continuing Stingray's work, eventually developing Adama for the Zone Corporation. He was then murdered by his one-time colleague, Dr Yuri, who had his own plans for the new boomer.
Haynes was married, and had one daughter.

Linna's fashion trademark. She has dozens of them, in every conceivable colour, and changes them about every five minutes.

District 7 nightclub popular with street punks.

Heavy Transporter
Fixed-wing aircraft, capable of low-speed flight. Used by the ADP as a rapid-response vehicle for its K-11 Armoured Troopers. Largely replaced by more versatile transport helicopters.

Heavy Transport Chopper
Large helicopter, with two rotors mounted on port and starboard wings. Used by Genom to move heavy equipment, such as giant combat boomers.

German lager popular with certain C-series boomers.

Green aircraft with twin co-axial rotors, used by Dr Miriam Yoshida as a transporter in his attempt to destroy the ADP building and the Knight Sabers.

Incredibly strong blastproof overlay used to armour important buildings. It can resist high explosives and laser fire, and even blunt a combat knife just by scratching.

Highway Patrol
Division of Mega Tokyo's police that deals with traffic infractions and control. Other police units, including the ADP, are also authorised to issue trafic tickets.

Highway Star
High-performance motorbike handbuilt by Mackie Stingray, using a variety of high-tech parts. The engine is a twin turbo 1500cc unit, generating 700 horsepower and putting power to the wheels through a driveshaft rather than a chain. It uses the HS-130 system for its instruments, and can top 300kmh.

Highway 3
Scene of an attack on J B Gibson and his girlfriend by Outriders.

Highway 4
Road onto which J B Gibson's Griffon jumped from a car park to escape the Highway Patrol.

Highway 5
A road that ends at the fault line, running N-NE to S-SW. Scene of a firefight between Sylvie and a pair of C-series boomers.

TV news reporter, surname unknown.

Heavy ADP helicopter gunship, housing a pilot and gunner. It is armed with twin 20mm chainguns.

Hornet Squadron
ADP helicopter unit. They met the usual fate of ADP chopper crews when they tried to land on the roof of the ADP HQ after Dr Yoshida's boomers took over the building.

Piece of combat electronics hardware. Mackie found one in a junkyard and used it in the Highway Star.

Huge structure near Geo City, incomplete in late 2033. It was the scene of a battle between the Knight Sabers and some modified boomers.

Hot Legs
A club where Priss and the Replicants are regular performers. The upper level of the club houses a restaurant. It was where Priss played her first ever gig.

Hot Legs' Manager
Threatened Priss and the Replicants with the sack after Priss left just before a performance to fight a boomer, but later relented.

Hou Bang
A Chinese triad organisation, which runs the Chang Group as its legitimate business arm. The name means 'tiger corps', and membership is shown by a special ring.

Hou Bang Ring
Worn by members of Hou Bang to show their allegiance. The ring has a tiger emblem, and also contains a needle which can be dosed with various drugs or poisons.

American city, in Texas, that is home to the Gulf & Bradley corporation.

The first production motoroid used by the Knight Sabers. Each member had a colour- coded machine.

Three tough boomers built by Largo to help in his plans to take the OMS from Quincy. Initially, they were disguised as the Knight Sabers in order to discredit the mercenary group and draw them out of hiding; once the ruse was discovered, they revealed their true forms, and turned out to be capable of outfighting the Knight Sabers. Only Mackie's timely intervention saved them.
The hyperboomers then joined Largo at Genom Tower to fight Priss, and nearly killed her. They were destroyed when Sylia arrived with a new hardsuit for Priss and an upgraded motoroid, the Typhoon-II.

Hyper Intelligent Space
Flashy name for developments like Geo City. AI systems control the climate, maintain security and pipe sunlight underground through fibre-optic systems.

Hypersonic Shock Pulse
Marginally less implausible explanation for Largo's 'gravity beam' weapon, which works by creating pressure waves in the air of such speed and intensity that they behave as a solid object.

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