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Large dining area on the 21st floor of the ADP building, for the use of the staff. Apparently quite cheap.

Confectionary product that Nene just can't resist.

Callahan, Defence Minister
A soldier, politician and puppet of Genom. He was kidnapped by Largo as a means to gain an audience with Quincy, and murdered shortly after by Kate Madigan, as his usefulness had been compromised.

Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics and precision optics, including cameras.

Cara, Iris
Police officer, who for a while dated Leon. She had her right eye replaced by a cyborg implant in 2027.

Catholic Church
Abandoned place of worship, used as a temporary base of operations by Largo. The same, or a similar, church was the scene of Dr Stingray's funeral service.

Japanese branch of the American broadcasting network. They have changed their 'eye' logo for one of a satellite orbiting Earth.

Generic name for digital music media in the 2030s, just as 'record' was for analogue in the 20th century.

Central Databank Building
A huge information storage and collation building, housing the primary servers for the Tokyo Net. Its systems were absorbed by Largo's AI boomer, and the structure itself was badly damaged in the ensuing battle with the Knight Sabers.

Cest Lavie
A sleazy cellar bar with a poorly translated French name. Noted for its pool tables and convenience for secret meetings.

Chang Conglomerate
Alternate name for the Chang Group.

Chang Group
The legitimate business arm of the Hou Bang triad group, and builder of the GD-42 combat mecha. It has been in conflict with Gulf & Bradley since 2018 following the apparent assassination of Mr Chang's son and daughter-in-law by G&B agents.

Chang, Irene
One of Linna's aerobics students and friends, 17 year old Irene was engaged to be married when her fiance was kiled in an explosion at a Genom laboratory. She accused Brian J Mason, who was in charge of the project, of being responsible for the death. In response, Mason sent his bodyguard boomers to kill her.
Irene was the sister of Reika, and a year after her death, Reika came to Mega Tokyo seeking revenge upon Genom.

Chang, Dr Chongk
Grandfather of Reika and Irene Chang, Dr Chang is the head of the Hou Bang and its legitimate business arm, the Chang Group. Confined to a wheelchair, he hoped that Reika would take over the leadership of the Hou Bang, and agreed to her request to be allowed to kill Quincy and the Chairman of Gulf & Bradley, as revenge for their involvement in the murders of Irene and her parents.

Chang, Reika (aka Vision)
Older sister of Irene Chang, Reika (born in 2009) was at first determined to avoid her family's powerful criminal background - the 'Hou Bang' being a Triad-like organisation that had, like its American mafia counterparts, moved into legitimate business - and make her career as the singer, Vision [with her grandfather perhaps offering record executives an offer they couldn't refuse]. However, the murder of Irene changed that, and a year after the killing, Reika was ready to strike back.
The Chang Group, the business arm of the Hou Bang, had created a mecha for law enforcement use with the FBI, and a modified version of the GD-42 was shipped first to Houston (where it was used to kill the Gulf/Bradley chairman and scare Dr McLaren into going to Japan) before being moved to Mega Tokyo.
Once there, Reika staged a bogus comeback tour for Vision [who had dropped out of sight after Irene was killed by boomers] as a pretext for visiting Mega Tokyo - her real reason was to draw Quincy into the open so she could kill him in revenge. She was assisted by Kou and a group of loyal Hou Bang members. However, the attempt failed because Quincy sent an android double as a decoy, then despatched the Genom-Gulf/Bradley boomer to kill his potential assassins. Luckily, the Knight Sabers intervened, and Reika was persuaded not to give up her singing in order to take over the Hou Bang by Linna.
Following her comeback, Reika took a sideways step into movies, one of the first being a film starring a warrior in powered armour that bore an uncanny resemblance to a hardsuit...

The Chinese quarter of Yokohama, visited by Linna Yamazaki and Irene Chang. Irene lives in the area.

Chinese Restaurant
Scene of a boomer rampage in 2027, when the boomer waitress went berzerk through overwork. The restaurant was destroyed in the resultant firefight.

Chopper 2
Firebee mini-gunship destroyed by a C-series combat boomer.

Chopper 3
1: Firebee mini-gunship that crashlanded when a C-series combat boomer crushed the skull of its pilot.
2: Houston PD gunship that responded to the attack on the Gulf & Bradley building by a GD-42.

Chopper 4
Gunship destroyed by a Bu-12B above Genom Tower.

Chopper 10
Firebee mini-gunship that crashed into a motorway support pillar while chasing J B Gibson. Doh!

Chopper 12
Firebee mini-gunship shot down by a C-series combat boomer.

Clean Up
Street cleaning company. One of their trucks (464) was stolen by Colonel Lando's team for use in the raid on the Glory Bank.

Fashion label. Linna Yamazaki likes their jumpers.

Soft drink, still popular even in the 21st century.

Coffee B's
Coffee shop opposite Mitsubara's/Matsubara's.

Combat Chamber
Holographic testing ground for the Knight Sabers, hidden in or under Raven's Garage. The holographic enemies can be programmed to attack with varying degrees of skill - Linna could defeat one working at level 8, whereas Nene couldn't even manage level 5.

Combat Hologram
Stylised opponent used in the combat chamber. The number of 'limbs' it could attack with depended on the level of the person fighting it.

Combat Suit
Brian J Mason's version of a hardsuit, an updated version of a prototype design that had been abandoned by Genom. It was equipped with a computer system that allowed Mason to predict the moves of his opponents, and twin beam cannons.

Combination Boomer
Slang for a boomer that can perform both household chores and sexual services. The demand for these machines is very high, so earlier boomers are often illegally reprogrammed to serve both tasks, which produces great mental stress on the boomer's brain.

Comet Street
Home of Irene Chang in Yokohama City's Chinatown. Her address was BLK 10.

Discredited political system that came back into fashion in some countries between 1996 and 2033, in response to the increasing power of the megacorporations like Genom.

Construction Boomer 3-6
The first of many boomers to fall prey to Largo's AI virus at the Simizu building.

Corben, Richard
ADP support officer.

Computer program written by Mackie and Dr Geary to defeat the functions of the AI virus.

Crash Foam
Fast-setting, semi-solid foam designed to bring vehicles to a rapid stop.

Computer manufacturer. By 2033, they build desktop machines, as used by the ADP.

Ground floor shop in the Perche building.

Establishment near the Discovery Hotel.

Cuty Feet
Odd label on Dr Yoshida's analysis of the Knight Sabers' hardsuits. Then again, the suit in question is Nene's...

Alternate name for boomers. Largo preferred it to 'superboomer', not liking to think of himself as a mere boomer - as did Armstrong. Hmmm...

Cyber Funker
A high-tech rapper who looks like a cross between MC Hammer and Mr Motivator.

Power-booster system for boomers, originally developed by Dr Miriam Yoshida.

Cybernetics Bank
Company dealing in cybernetic organ replacements. The old organs and body parts are kept in cold storage for use in transplant operations.

Street punks who have engaged in cybernetization, usually by selling their organs. One group raped and killed Caroline Ebarce on the Paradise Loop; one of the killers later became a rippertech, buying Adama in 2034.

Although looking like a six year old girl, Cynthia was actually a boomer built by USSD as a disguised control system for the 'black box' satellite weapon controller. She was kidnapped by F G Frederick on the orders of Mason to secure the black box for Genom, and the Knight Sabers were hired by Commander Schwarz of USSD to recover her. When Frederick attempted to fuse with her, Cynthia activated the satellites, and destroyed herself, Frederick and Aqua City with a laser strike.

Sylia's code number for Priss's first hardsuit, and coincidentally Dr Haynes's code number for Adama.

C-453 Magnum Auto
An ADP sidearm, some of which are kept in emergency lockers throughout the ADP building. Nene displayed possibly the world's worst aim with this weapon on the firing range, though her aim improved under stress when Dr Miriam Yoshida's boomers attacked the building. The .454 ammunition proved to be ineffective against the heavily armoured combat boomers.

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