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LA Darts
Restaurant on the 38th floor of the Sun Tower Hotel.

Ladys 633
A building owned by Sylia Stingray; the location of Silky Doll, her cover business, and also the headquarters of the Knight Sabers. Sylia's apartment is on the top floor, along with her private swimming pool. Below are seven other floors (plus basements), one of which houses a terrace cafe for customers. The entire building was extensively remodelled in 2034 to incorporate the launch silo for the Knightwing.

Six-legged mecha used by the ADP as a 'walking tank' in places where a wheeled or tracked vehicle would be unable to operate. As well as standard weapons, it can also spray crash foam.

Explosive devices unsportingly planted near the finish of the Genom Trophy Rally by Sylia to ensure her victory.

Lando, Colonel N J
Leader of the mercenary team known as the Illegal Army, Lando was in the service of Largo in 2034, robbing Mega Tokyo's banks ostensibly for gold, but in reality hunting down the components of a new type of AI.
Lando and the Illegal Army claimed that they had never surrendered in a battle, and Lando displayed great loyalty to his soldiers, refusing to abandon them if they were injured. This loyalty ultimately cost him limbs, an eye, and much of his humanity.
Lando was the last surviving member of the Illegal Army after the Knight Sabers destroyed his comrades, who were revealed to be boomers [constructed to look like his former soldiers to preserve Lando's sanity]. His boomer body contained a mini-nuke which he threatened to detonate rather than give up the name of his employer, but the firing mechanism was destroyed by Priss. Lando died from the damage done to him by the Knight Sabers.

A highly advanced, extremely intelligent and very powerful one-of-a-kind boomer, Largo at first appears to be a henchman for Flint, but it soon becomes clear that Largo is the one pulling the strings. It seems likely that he in some way organised the escape of Sylvie and Anri from Genaros, in order to bring down Kaufman and later Flint himself, leaving Largo in charge of GPCC.
Largo's ultimate objectives are twofold: first, to bring down Genom and obtain the secrets of its mysterious 'Overmind Control System' (OMS), and second, to destroy the Knight Sabers. Although Largo's direct link to the orbiting laser satellites causes much damage to Genom worldwide, Quincy outwits him and keeps the secrets of the OMS to himself, and Largo is badly damaged (but not destroyed) in a huge battle with the Knight Sabers at the summit of Genom Tower.
He returns to haunt the Knight Sabers and threaten humanity in 2034, using the Illegal Army and Dr Yuri as tools to achieve his ultimate objective - an AI which will allow him to control all the boomers in Mega Tokyo, and eventually the world. When this fails, he continues with the second phase of his plan - to destroy the Tokyo Atomic Plant with a nuclear-powered boring machine and pollute the entire city with radioactive fallout. His shattered body is testament to the damage done to him by the Knight Sabers, but he is backed up by a trio of Ultraboomers made in his own image. He attempts to fuse with Sylia, mentally and physically, in order to advance to a new stage of human/boomer evolution, but Sylia resists, and finally kills him.
Largo is utterly ruthless - he uses his own allies as disposable tools to get what he wants, and wipes out thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of people around the world just to get Quincy's attention. His only interest is power for himself, as the leader of a boomer revolution that will replace humanity.
Largo has some connection with Brian J Mason [he is a copy of Mason's consciousness in a boomer body], which accounts for his obsession with Sylia, Mason's killer.
Largo can control the orbital lasers with pinpoint accuracy [using the 'black box' from Cynthia, which was obtained and reverse-engineered by Mason], is flight-capable and is sufficiently strong and fast to catch a railgun needle in mid-shot. He has a blaster concealed in his mouth, like a 55-C combat boomer, and can also create shockwaves that are powerful enough to crack even the armour of a hardsuit. Although he considers himself immortal, his body is ultimately only as damage-resistant as any other boomer. After battling the Knight Sabers in 2033, his physical body is wrecked, requiring external systems to maintain it, although his mind is as powerful as ever.
Largo disliked being referred to as a boomer - he preferred the term 'cyberdroid'.

1: Weapon fitted in the right arm of Nene Romanova's hardsuit. It can be used in combat, but is more often used for artistic purposes. Linna has a set of lasers built into the manipulators of her original and Evolution 1 hardsuits.
2: Much-abused term when it comes to describing cool hyper-tech weapons. Usually, such abuses result in cries of "But lasers can't do that!"

Laser Array
Series of prismatic laser emitters built into the chests of many C-series boomers. Hidden by armour until required.

Laser Measurer
Device that uses a ring of reflected laser beams to precisely measure a person's body size. Sylia uses one to accurately size the hardsuits.

Laser Ribbon
Scientifically inaccurate name for Linna's monomolecular ribbons.

Laser Satellites
Orbital weapons constructed and operated by USSD, capable of delivering a beam with extreme power and accuracy over small or large areas (up to 1000km in radius). They can be controlled remotely using the Black Box system. USSD has apparently deployed over 200 such weapons in orbit. The focussing array can also be used as a high-power spy camera.

Laser Sword
Scientifically inaccurate name for a monoblade.

Lawson, Eddie
Owner of a Griffon sports car.

Generic name for laserdisks and DVDs.

Private jet aircraft popular with singing celebrities and company bosses, especially in its updated 21st century form.

Manufacturer of high-performance motorbike parts.

Leg Strength
One of Sylia's assessment categories in the combat chamber. Nene's rating was a less than Herculean 5.9.

Affectionate nickname for Leon used by Linna. Since this kind of nickname is usually reserved for very close friends or lovers, it makes you wonder exactly what the two of them have been up to... Also used by Daley, but in his case they actually are close friends.

Sexual preference that has been linked, without direct evidence, to all the members of the Knight Sabers (Priss/Sylia, Priss/Linna, Linna/Nene, Priss/Sylia/Linna/Nene) by various over-excited fanfic writers...

Level 4 Clearance
Security level of ADP Chief Toodou. Nene had a recording of his voice on Minidisc to bypass the security checks.

Level 5
Skill level in the Knight Sabers' combat chamber. Even though it was supposedly easy enough for a 'normal girl' to beat, poor Nene couldn't even manage that.

Level 8
Skill level in the Knight Sabers' combat chamber. Linna could beat it, and she is generally regarded as the best of the group in hand-to-hand combat, so it must be pretty tough.

Lime, Harry
Orson Welles's duplicitous character from the 1949 film The Third Man. Sylia compared Fargo to him, for his use of a big wheel for a rendezvous.

Linear Highway
Maglev transport system aboard space station Genaros.

Line A-55
Part of the ADP computer network controlling the security shutters.

Line S-21
Part of the ADP computer network controlling the security shutters.

Link Mode
System whereby one hardsuit can transmit data to another, such as precision targetting data.

"Little Miss Cyberpunk"
Insulting nickname for Nene, used mainly by Linna.

Live Crab
Japanese seafood company. One of their trucks was stolen by Kou and used as an ironic transport for the GD-42.

Loop Highway #9
Road leading to the Bayshore #2 highway.

33-S boomer killed while trying to escape from space station Genaros.

An unlucky pair who choose a night when Sylvie is out in the DD, looking for blood donors, to visit Mega Tokyo's Lover's Lane.

Scrapped tank that the ADP used as a barricade on Bayshore #2 to trap J B Gibson.

Character from Rumiko Takahashi's 1980s manga Urusai Yatsura, popular with some hackers even in 2027.

Videotape format; yet another upgrade to the system developed in the 1970s by JVC, following in the footsteps of S-VHS.

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