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Machine Gun
Nene seemed to have one fitted in her hardsuit's right arm for a time, but its effectiveness proved limited. It was replaced by a laser.

Madigan, Kate
A high-ranking Genom executive assigned the task of hunting down a mole operating within the company - she initially thought it was a pointless task, until the search reached a new employee called Millie Jackson. She reluctantly brought Largo and Anri to meet with Quincy, and was apparently hurt in the resulting firefight, although it is uncertain whether or not she survived.
Madigan was obviously trusted by Quincy - she reported directly to him, and seemed to be in charge of Genom's attempts to destabilise countries to Genom's benefit. She also knew about the top-secret OMS project.

Maglev Cars
Vehicles used aboard space stations, which use linear induction roadways to provide them with magnetic levitation. (The combined effects of a rotating station and a levitating car would make for interesting manoeuvring characteristics...)

Main Computer Room
Houses the ADP's Andy 2000 mainframe. It is armoured and has keycard locks, but still couldn't stop the computer being taken over by one of Dr Yoshida's boomers.

Main Switch
System built into all commercially available boomers, which cuts all power when operated.

Unspecified product. It uses the image of an angel in its adverts.

Malso, Jeena
Leon's first partner in the AD Police, Jeena had an artificial right arm (which has a single-shot gun built into the middle finger) and a somewhat predatory sexual nature. She remained partnered with Leon until at least 2029. Born 2003.

Mamola, Randy
Owner of a Griffon sports car.

Manabe, Dr
One of the technicians responsible for the care of Billy Fernwood's cyborg body.

Priss joined up with this camp and oily individual in 2034, [taking his advice and] sacking her backing band, the Replicants, to advance her solo career. However, his plans for Priss - professionally and personally - were not to her liking, and she ended up sacking him as well.

Type of cheap boomer used for tasks such as waitressing. Although humanoid, they often have a greenish plastic skin. Prone to breakdowns if overworked.

Mark IV
Early type of mannequin boomer.

State-of-the-art mannequin boomer, for 2027 at least, practically human in appearance. Leon was attacked by one of these in a bank shortly before he joined the ADP, and it later hunted him down after it was illegally resuscitated.

Mason, Brian J
An ambitious and powerful executive of Genom, Mason rose to power after he murdered Dr Stingray and took full control of the nascent boomer project. By 2032, he was on the board of Genom, reporting directly to Quincy and acting as his secretary - in effect, he was the number two man at Genom. Mason was in charge of a number of important (and illegal) company projects, including the infiltration of USSD to obtain the 'black box' necessary for direct control of the military's laser satellites, and the terrorising of Mega Tokyo's citizens with boomers in an attempt to make them sell their property to Genom.
Mason also used his position for personal projects. He developed an advanced system that allowed him to input and process vast amounts of data directly into his brain at incredible speed [based on research by Dr Stingray], as well as his own version of a hardsuit. When the Knight Sabers began to interfere with his plans, Mason sought to destroy them. He discovered Sylia's identity and arranged what he thought was a trap, but ended up dead by Sylia's hand.
[Before his death, Mason had been attempting to further Dr Stingray's research by downloading a copy of his mind into a computer. A corrupted version of Mason's mind eventually became Largo.]

Mason's bodyguards
A trio of female boomers, Mason's tall and cold protectors were instrumental in recovering the body of Cynthia and the 'black box' from the ruins of Aqua City before USSD, being able to operate underwater without breathing apparatus. Considerably stronger than humans, they also sported lethal blades concealed under their skin, although they did not appear to have any other hidden weapons.
One of the boomers was responsible for the murder of Irene Chang, an action which later rebounded on Genom when Reika Chang sought revenge. All three of Mason's boomers were destroyed by the Knight Sabers at the Kawasaki industrial zone.
These boomers were unable to transform like 55-C boomers, and displayed organic components when destroyed; they may have been some variant on the 33-S.

Disembodied robot arms capable of administering a relaxing massage.

Matsubara's (aka Mitsubara's)
Clothes shop visited by Nene on one of her days off.

One of Jeena Malso's many ex-boyfriends, surname unknown. She obviously thought highly of him, judging by her reaction when she ran into him unexpectedly. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a terrorist, part of the doomed Tokyo Peoples' Liberation League.

Company based in Houston, Texas.

McLaren, Dr Richard
A lecherous American scientist, born April 29th 1990 in New York, employed by the Gulf/Bradley corporation. The MIT graduate was brought to MegaToyko in 2033 to work on a new type of boomer being co-developed by G/B and Genom. McLaren was used as a pawn by Reika Chang in an ultimately unsuccessful plot to assassinate Quincy, and ended up being arrested by the AD Police for breaking the arms control laws - and soliciting prostitutes!

AD Police detective.

McNichol, Leon
DOB: 8 December 2007
Height: 195cm/6'4"
Leon joined the AD Police at the age of 20 in the autumn of 2027, transferring from the normal police (voluntarily, which at the time was a most unusual move) to begin as a rookie trooper. Initially he was thought of as an 'undependable jerk', but with the help of his partner Jeena Malso soon made a reputation for himself and started to advance through the ranks. By 2032, he was a plain-clothes officer in charge of an anti-boomer unit, along with his new partner Daley Wong. By the end of 2033, he had reached the rank of Inspector and was apparently just one rung below Chief Toodou in the chain of command.
Leon has an eye for the ladies, attempting to chat up Priss within moments of meeting her for the first time, although admittedly he was a fan of her music. He has also been known to come out with some fairly blatant innuendos to Nene, though whether her lack of response is due to coolness or naivety is something to ponder. During the DD incident of 2033, Leon discovered that Priss was one of the Knight Sabers - she knows he knows, but to date he has kept the secret.
Leon is headstrong and has no time for politics, which often brings him into conflict with superiors. However, by 2033 he started to appreciate Toodou's delicate position a little more, which brought him some off-the-record assistance when he needed it.
By 2034, Leon was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the ADP's slowly worsening record at dealing with boomers, and the lack of morale brought about by the arrival of a new Chief who was obsessed with cost- cutting and public relations. However, the Illegal Army incidents and Boomer Revolution of that year brought him back to action.
Leon owns a motorbike, smokes, and likes to use powerful, non-standard handguns such as the 'Earth Shaker'. He lives alone in his apartment, although Daley has been known to sleep on the sofa.

McPherson Case
Ongoing investigation used as a cover for Nene's use of the ADP databank to search for data on J B Gibson.

Measuring Suit
Tight-fitting body stocking worn by the Knight Sabers in the combat chamber. It recorded their movements as they fought, allowing Sylia to adjust their hardsuits to suit each member's fighting style precisely.

33-S boomer killed while trying to escape from space station Genaros.

Mega-Eater Beast
Giant robotic creature lurking in the Dead Teck Desert. Priss was swallowed by it, but it soon got a case of acute indigestion when she started firing off high-caliber rounds from Motoslave.

Mega Tokyo
One of the largest cities in the world, with a population of 45 million (nearly a third of Japan's entire population), and certainly the most high-tech. Tokyo was badly damaged by the Second Great Kanto Quake in 2025, and has been rebuilding ever since under the new name of Mega Tokyo. It is the home for Genom, the world's most powerful company, and its politicians are largely under the company's thumb.
Mega Tokyo covers 5,872 square kilometres, giving it a population density of 7,663 people per square kilometre. Despite this, the booming economy means that there is still a labour shortage, which Genom is only too happy to deal with by selling boomers to short-staffed employers.

Mega Tokyo General Hospital
The city's main medical centre. Priss went here after a motorbike crash.

Mega Tokyo International Airport
The city's main airport, at Narita.

Mega Tokyo Spaceport
Launch site for space shuttles serving Genaros and other space stations. It is sited on an artificial island off Yokohama.

Mega Tokyo Times
Newspaper. Lisa Vanette made her first sale as a news photographer to it.

Anti-boomer handgun carried by Priss. It can be broken down into three sections for concealment, and takes a three-shot 12.7mm magazine. It can also fire grenades using a muzzle attachment. Priss has owned at least two - her first one was destroyed by a boomer in Aqua City.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
Classic car owned by Sylia Stingray. Red in colour (although briefly painted white), it was retrofitted with dashboard electronics including videophone and fax.

Metric System
Something America has still resisted adopting, even by 2033.

Mega Tokyo's maglev mass transit system, opened in 2017 to replace the old subways.

MFS Control Unit
Cybernetic system allowing the user to interface directly with a computer. J B Gibson installed one in his Griffon, giving it the ability to act autonomously. It was developed by Dr Raven. MFS stands for Mind Feedback System.

An EC-designed combat suit, built by Daimler of Germany. Officially, the project was put on hold in 2031 when problems developed during testing, but modified versions of the suits fell into the hands of Colonel Lando and the Illegal Army. The suits are flight-capable, and in their modified form are more powerful than a K-14.

35mm cannon used by the Knight Sabers' motoroids.

Mickey Mouse
Big-eared symbol of the Disney corporation.

Micro Neutron Bomb
Enhanced Radiation Device designed to ensure the DD battlemover never loses a fight. Although described as 'micro', it is apparently powerful enough to wipe out the population of Mega Tokyo.

Employee of the Glory Bank.

A station on the Paradise Loop.

Hallucinatory environment created and controlled by Largo when he used his super fusion ability to try to merge with Sylia's mind.

Generic name for subcompact cars. Linna owns a succession of these.

Audio digital recording format popular in Japan, but largely ignored elsewhere. Nene used them to store voiceprints of high-ranking ADP personnel for hacking purposes.

Japlish for 'Mini Patrol Car'. Nene often drives one for official duties, and also entered a customised off-road version in the Genom Trophy Rally.

A manufacturing conglomerate, which has several contracts to provide vehicles for the police and the ADP. Unusually, Genom didn't get the lucrative contract (unless Misaki is a Genom subsidiary). ZMC is Misaki's own high-performance vehicle subsidiary. The company also makes guns, such as the M41.

Mitsubara's (aka Matsubara's)
Clothes shop which Nene visited on one of her days off.

Model 9-F
Simple boomer brain, used in basic boomers such as the early S-series.

Model 11
More powerful boomer brain than the Model 9. Used in early combat boomers.

Retractable blade with a monomolecular edge, fitted to the hardsuits of Priss Asagiri and Sylia Stingray. The blade can cut through most objects that have not been molecularly bonded.

Monomolecular Ribbons
Cutting weapons attached to the helmet of Linna Yamazaki's hardsuit (retractable in Evolution versions). When activated, they can slice through most objects, and a skilled user like Linna can deliver a blow with pinpoint accuracy.

Overhead mass transit system serving Mega Tokyo.

Installation on the Moon, operated by SDPC and supplied via Genaros.

Holding two jobs at once, a practice frowned upon by the Japanese civil service.

Mori, Ayaka
TV news reporter who got closer to the action than she and her crew planned in November 2027.

Add-on weapons system for Evolution 2 hardsuits, useful for when extra strength and firepower is needed in a situation where motoroids can't be used.

Semi-autonomous flight-capable support mecha for the Knight Sabers, providing extra armour and firepower for the hardsuits. Although humanoid in form, they can transform into motorbikes and back again. Armed with a heavy 35mm machine cannon and missiles.

Picky, picky translation of the below used by some pedantic types.

1: Alternative name for motoroid, used when it is directly controlled by an operator.
2: Priss's transforming racing bike, which she rode in the Genom Trophy Rally. Pronounced "Moto-suuuulayyyvuuu!"

Mount Genomanjaro
5,400 metre tall conical mountain in Gaiarth, which bears a striking resemblance to Genom Tower, right down to the roadway spiralling around it.

Mr Hateli
Very, very expensive restaurant high in a new building. Nene has been known to dine here, without even considering that people will wonder how she can afford to...

Outdated 1980s programming language used to encode information in Sylia's data unit.

Sylia's first experimental motoroid, brought out of retirement to act as a gun platform capable of hitting a satellite in orbit.

Very large TV, capable of displaying a number of channels simultaneously.

Standard issue assault rifle for ADP troopers. It fires 10mm rounds at a rate of 850rpm, with a 66-shot magazine aimed by laser sights.

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