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Packed Lunch
What security guard's night would be complete without a couple of sarnies and a mug of tea?

Mock combat game played at Survival Shot.

Paradise Loop
Slang name for the old subway system, by 2027 largely a haunt for drunks, punks, muggers, prostitutes and the occasional serial killer. With the opening of Geo City in 2034, and similar underground projects under way, the subway was refurbished as it was the most convenient way of connecting the arcologies.

Dessert served in Hot Legs. Leon McNichol is partial to them, even though in Japan they are usually regarded as something for women.

Park Station
Monorail station near Yokohama Cemetary.

Particle Beam Satellites
Another deadly orbital weapon, which can be controlled remotely with a 'black box' system.

Patrol Helicopter
A small helicopter used by both the police and the ADP, although the ADP variant is armed and has a extra seat for a gunner.

Patrol 302
Police helicopter shot down by a rampaging battle boomer over District 8.

Trunk network cable that was cut by the ADP in order to sever Alex-01's links to District 6.

Compact communicator concealed inside a pen.

One of Sylia's assessment categories in the combat chamber. Nene managed a 7.2 rating, one of the few areas where she got a decent score.

Shopping and recreational complex in Mega Tokyo. Home to Rad Out, the Smut Tape Inn, Tomato, Creatre and others.

An aerobics studio, where Linna Yamazaki worked for a few years as an instructor.

Badly-named coffee shop, frequented by Leon and Daley. Would you drink there?

Planet Destruction Cannon
Huge alien superweapon orbiting Mars that made quite a mess of the contestants (not to mention the course) of the Genom Trophy Rally.

Viewing terminal for Lisa's digital camera. As well as simply showing the images on disk, it can enlarge and enhance the pictures.

Point K
Map reference in District 3 of Tinsel City.

Point M
Map reference south of Point K.

ADP sentry on the roof of the Tinsel City bank, who had the misfortune of being the first victim of the attack by Largo's Hyperboomers.

Polar War
Military conflict in the southern hemisphere to which Genom is supplying combat boomers to both sides.

Police Boomers
Although police forces on Earth are reluctant to employ boomers for law enforcement duties, SDPC uses them aboard its space stations because they can work long hours and withstand the tedium of working on a space station.

Police Notebook
Actually a notebook computer, this compact machine is hooked into the police, Highway Patrol and ADP databases and can issue tickets for statutory violations such as speeding. It can also be used for recording casenotes.

One of the Starleaf crew entered in the Genom Trophy Rally, who has the ability to do a stunning vocal impression of Linna Yamazaki...

Nickname for Dr Raven.

Port 6
Launch bay aboard space station Genaros. Housed space shuttle Orca IV.

Power Booster
Device invented by Dr Miriam Yoshida, which increases the battery life and power output of boomers. Understandably very popular.

Program Blocks
Three-stage safety feature that imposes controls over the biological parts of a boomer's brain, forcing them to adhere to programming. Under certain circumstances, these blocks can break down or be overridden, giving the boomer free will - though this will is most commonly expressed through violence.

Program C-16
Morning alarm call program running on Sylia's bedside computer. Set to go off at 7:10am.

Program C-17
Follow-up to Program C-16, giving Sylia a rundown of the morning news.

Psycho Gas
Another nasty security measure in the ADP building; gas that is pumped from ceiling nozzles. Nene calls it a nerve gas, although because it doesn't have any effect when it touches exposed skin, it is unlikely to be a true nerve agent. It can be quickly dispersed through vacuum pumps in the floor.

Psycho Gus
Mis-spelling of the above. Slapped wrists all round for the Andy 2000's programmers.

Pump-action Shotgun
Weapon carried in the drivers' compartments of ADP Troop Transports.

Registration number of one of Priss Asagiri's motorbikes.

Registration number of an ADP patrol car driven by Daley Wong.

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