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Bach, Vanessa
Iris Cara's partner in the police.

Caribbean islands eager to get some Japanese tourist dosh.

Genom board member.

Baker, Carl
Noted pianist.

Tropical island, once visited by the Knight Sabers for a holiday.

Finishing point of the Genom Trophy Rally, and also home to Anime Projects, UK distributors of Bubblegum Crisis.

Unimaginatively titled establishment used as a hideout by F G Frederick and his boomers after killing the barman.

Barn Door
Something the adversaries of the Knight Sabers usually couldn't hit from two paces - Dr Yuri's boomer hit squad being a good example.

Genom board member.

DC comic book superhero, still popular a whole century after his creation. He fought evil in an armoured suit that concealed his true identity, having inherited his parents' fortune after they were murdered, and used it to build amazing crime-fighting hardware. Sound like anyone you know?

Another name for a mobile suit. Battlemovers are controlled from a cockpit rather than being 'worn' by the user.

Heavy-duty combat suit worn by Mackie. A bright yellow in colour, it is armed with an auto-bazooka and carries a cargo pod capable of holding a hardsuit.

Bauer, J (aka Bouwer)
One of Genom's senior board members, apparently responsible for corporate security. Largo claimed that Bauer had probably been placed under the 'deep psychology scanner' in order to hunt down the mole within Genom, but Millie Jackson was actually uncovered by Kate Madigan, so there is no evidence to support this.

Owner of a robot shop in District 18. Killed by Armstrong's boomers in 2028, but not before he managed to destroy one of his attackers.

Bayshore #2
Twin-deck highway. The AD Police set a trap for J B Gibson on the eastbound road.

Bayshore #3
Twin-deck highway that runs near Haneda. Scene of an attack on the Outriders by J B Gibson.

Section of the Genaros space station from where a group of boomers stole an escape pod in 2028.

BB-2000 Eliminator
Little-seen add-on weapon for Priss's hardsuit. Probably an energy weapon, its power source is carried on the hardsuit's back. Unless it really is a BB gun...

Beam Cannon
1: Energy weapon fitted in the right hand of Priss Asagiri's hardsuit, and in both hands of Sylia Stingray's. Probably some kind of particle beam system, as its abilities are inconsistent with a laser.
2: Very large weapon used by the modified MSX-01 motoroid, capable of hitting a target in orbit.

Alcoholic drink popular with animated characters, especially bald, yellow ones. Too much of this substance tends to lead to impromptu strip shows from Nene.

Beluga Police Special
The model name of the ADP's interceptor vehicles, both regular and Road Chaser variants. The car is manufactured by ZMC-Misaki.

Beretta M-85
Handgun used by Vision in her 'Say Yes' video, using .380 ACP bullets.

Lisa Vanette pursued Nene around the city on one of these. While non-polluting, it does have disadvantages, especially if the person you're chasing is using a motor vehicle.

Big Egg Stadium
Large sport and concert arena. Vision held her concert here.

Black Box
Codename for a control system for USSD's laser satellites. Originally fitted into Cynthia, it was stolen by Genom and used in their superboomer, before Largo eventually obtained it (or a copy) for his own ends.

Airships fitted with giant video screens. Used for advertising and TV news.

Block 4
Part of the Tokyo Atomic Plant, between W-30 and the reactor core.

Block 24
Part of the Genom Miltary Laboratory where the GD-42 tried to gain access to the building.

Block 37
Area on the 28th floor of the ADP building housing the emergency stairwell.

Block 38, Gate 6
Area on the 28th floor of the ADP building where Lisa Vanette was trapped.

Blue Hawaii
Cocktail served at the St Regis Hotel. A fave of Dr McLaren.

Mega Tokyo shop near Dr Yuri's laboratory in District 7.

One of the boomers guarding the front entrance to the Glory Bank. His registration was B-12.

One of F G Frederick's boomers. In human form, he looked like a red-haired bodybuilder and was partial to Heineken lager.

Boiler, Captain
A USSD officer with authority to fire satellite weapons, which he does in an (unsuccessful) attempt to destroy Armstrong and the Alex-01 computer. The attempt allows Armstrong to gain access to the orbital weapons platform's systems, but luckily he doesn't have the necessary firing codes.

Alternative spelling of boomer.

Generic name for artificially-created cyborgs, originally developed by Dr Katsuhito Stingray and built, after his murder, by Genom. Boomers come in many different models, from almost totally robotic labour models to advanced androids which are externally indistinguishable from human beings.
Boomers first came into use around 2023, the first generation models using partially organic brains derived from human tissue. Second generation boomers, the first of which was brought on-line in 2034, employed fully artificial AIs.
Boomers are prone to mental breakdown if overworked or if their brains are exposed to powerful radiation - it was partly because of these breakdowns, which often manifested through violent behaviour, that the AD Police was formed. Genom's political power was such that world governments refused to ban boomers outright.
By 2034, Genom had allowed other companies to manufacture boomers under licence - they still kept the most up-to-date patents themselves, though companies like the Zone Corporation advanced boomer development along other lines.

Boomer Giant
Huge combat boomer developed by Genom and Gulf & Bradley. It was designed by G&B's Dr McLaren, and eventually destroyed by the GD-42 mecha when its self-destruct was activated. The boomer was an exceptionally ugly example of the breed, but was totally impervious to hardsuit projectile and energy weapons.

Boomer Revolution
An uprising in 2034, caused by Largo's infection of the Tokyo Net with an AI virus that turned infected boomers into his slaves. Quelled when the Knight Sabers destroyed the controlling AI.

Term describing people who are 70% or more cybernetic. If they commit a crime, they are considered to fall into the juristiction of the ADP and are likely to be killed rather than arrested.

Boomer X
Genom's entrant in the Genom Trophy Rally. Sneaky, underhanded and devious, he epitomised the company's values, but despite a battery of high-tech weapons and means of cheating still failed to win.

Detachable rocket unit for space shuttles, used to give them enough velocity to achieve an Earth-Moon trajectory.

Brain Book Centre
Cover name for a drug pusher's operations. Supposedly an audio book dealer.

Bren 10mm
Pistol used by J B Gibson for some impromptu target practice in his apartment. He somehow managed to fire two more shots than the weapon's maximum load...

Genom board member.

British Phone Box
Old-style red British phone boxes are installed in Hot Legs, although they have been fitted with videophone units.

Brumm Bar
Nuclear-powered underground boring machine, stolen by Largo in 2034 and used by him in an attempt to destroy the Tokyo Atomic Plant. The name apparently means 'grumpy bear' in German, so it is possibly a German-built machine.

Buddy Boy
Chubby hacker contact of Jeena Malso.

Calling itself the 'King of Beers', this brew apparently sponsors the image enhancers of the ADP Troopers. It is also the preferred brew of American VJs.

Bulkhead 1
Innermost defensive wall inside the Tokyo Atomic Plant.

Bulkhead 2
One of the defensive walls inside the Tokyo Atomic Plant.

Bulkhead 3
One of the defensive walls inside the Tokyo Atomic Plant.

Bulkhead 4
Outermost defensive wall inside, you guessed it, the Tokyo Atomic Plant.

Alternative spelling of boomer.

Early model of combat boomer (circa 2027), with limited fusion abilities. At this point, Genom's model numbering system had not yet been standardised, the function designator (in this case, 'C' for 'combat') appearing before the model number rather than after.

A flight-capable combat boomer, one of a group that escaped from Genaros to Mega Tokyo in 2028. It was destroyed by an SDPC gunship, though not before it had revealed an unexpected degree of self-awareness to Jeena Malso.

Male-model mannequin boomer, one of a boomer group that escaped from Genaros to Mega Tokyo in 2028. Q6 was destroyed by a shop owner in a raid to steal more boomers.

The leader of the boomer group that fled Genaros in 2028, also known as Armstrong.

Another member of the boomer group that escaped from Genaros in 2028. This female-model boomer was a simple sex toy, and was cannibalised for parts by Armstrong.

Bu-12B Cyberdroid
Heavy-duty combat boomer, equipped with a bazooka and a 46mm 'machine gun' (weapons over 20mm are usually called 'cannon'). A pure war machine, the Bu-12 is supposedly illegal to operate in Japan, although Genom's economic and political influence is such that the government overlooks this most of the time.
Mason deployed a 'rogue' Bu-12 boomer in order to cause chaos, discredit the AD Police and encourage the residents of the city's sector 3 to sell out, allowing Genom to buy up the land cheaply and redevelop it. He also used Bu-12s to defend Genom Tower from the Knight Sabers.

Codename for an experimental boomer. See 'superboomer'.

Storage area for military-spec combat boomers.

Two man ADP detective unit employed in the hunt for Armstrong's boomers in 2028. They came off worst in a fight with C-55, one man losing a finger, the other half his head.

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