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Area of Mega Tokyo where the Glory Bank is situated.

Manufacturer of body armour. One of their customers was Vision.

Mega Tokyo subway station.

An official of SDPC, Kaufman was also involved with illegal arms sales. He was in the pocket of Flint - when the DD battlemover was stolen, Flint abandoned him, and Kaufman soon after confessed his involvement in the arms sales to Daley Wong; presumably he was arrested.
Sylvie was apparently Kaufman's 'girlfriend' aboard Genaros, although considering that she was a boomer, 'sex slave' would probably be a more appropriate term.

Manufacturer of motor bikes. Priss owned one of their machines in late 2033.

Kawasaki Industrial Zone
Part of Mega Tokyo used by heavy industry. Genom had four labs there, one of which was used by Mason to test the Superboomer.

Mega Tokyo TV station.

Kenzai VPE
On-line newspaper. Sylia's preferred choice of morning reading.

Missile thrown with great accuracy at Quincy during his speech at the start of the Genom Trophy Rally. It was closely followed by a fusilade of real missiles.

A station on the Paradise Loop.

Killer Dolls
Codename for USSD satellite control boomers like Cynthia.

Unspecified product sold in drugstores.

Small Mega Tokyo restaurant.

Knight Sabers
Mercenary group founded by Sylia Stingray, comprised of herself, Priss Asagiri, Linna Yamazaki and Nene Romanova. Sylia's official PR line is that they are there "to defend peace and justice, and rid the world of evil". However, this doesn't stop them taking on jobs purely for financial gain (hardsuits don't come cheap), providing the clients meet Sylia's standards of morality.
The Knight Sabers' most frequent enemy is Genom, either directly (through the actions of its executives, employees and agents) or indirectly (through its rogue products - the boomers). Another recurring nemesis is Largo, who seems to have a particular interest in Sylia. However, despite frequent collateral damage, the Knight Sabers have so far won out every time.

Knight Sabers' Code
Eleven rules that the Knight Sabers are supposed to abide by to protect the security of the group. In practice, almost every single rule is either bent, broken or just plain ignored (especially the 11th rule!) on a regular basis.
The rules are as follows:
1: Do not divulge any information concerning this organisation.
2: Do not act upon a personal grudge.
3: Do act upon the mutual consent of all members.
4: Do not secede from this organisation.
5: Members are personally responsible for any damage done to the organisation's equipment unless that information was unavoidable.
6: Do not divulge any information concerning our clients.
7: Do not gather information on your own. The task of intelligence gathering is to be distributed evenly among all the members.
8: Do keep in contact with the other members regularly.
9: The members do not know each other outside of this organisation.
10: Do not get involved with a man.
11: The penalty for violating any of the ten regulations listed above is death.

Small VTOL aircraft capable of carrying all four Knight Sabers, plus equipment. It is armed with missiles and a pair of beam cannons, and is concealed in the tower of the Ladys 633 building. After the battle with Largo, Sylia appreciated the value of heavy air support. The Knightwing was probably built using components (engines, etc) from the Sky Carrier - even Sylia's bank account isn't bottomless.

Knuckle Bomber
Devices fitted in the right hand of Linna Yamazaki's hardsuit, designed to detonate on contact with a target and deliver a powerful explosive charge. Priss also acquired a Knuckle Bomber in the first upgrade of her Evolution 1 hardsuit.

Knuckle Guard
System in Priss's Evolution 1 hardsuit upgrade, which flips over her left hand and gives additional combat power. It appears to have some kind of blade built into its leading edge.

Manufacturers of construction and demolition machinery.

'Konya Wa Hurricane'
Popular opening number performed by Priss and the Replicants.

A long-time and highly trusted associate of the Hou Bang, Kou was charged with protecting Reika Chang on her mission of revenge. He was co-pilot of the GD-42 mecha, and also Reika's combat trainer, an area where he found her to be wanting. Kou was totally dedicated to Reika's safety - he would have sacrificed himself to protect her.

Not terribly stylish clothing label. Nene had one of their anoraks.

Kyuusei Industries
Part of the Chang Group, and builders of the GD-42 combat mecha.

Mobile suit used by the AD Police. Deployed by parachute from a transport plane.

Mobile suit used by USSD and other branches of the military, and eventually passed down to the AD Police. Inferior in ability to a hardsuit.

Military-spec K-12. Although it uses the same chassis as the K-12S, it looks considerably different as it is designed for different theatres of combat. The 'B' may stand for 'battle'.

AD Police variant on the above. The 'S' may mean 'street', as it is optimised for urban combat.

Upgraded mobile suit introduced in 2034. Considering the poor performance of its predecessors, it's perhaps not surprising that the designers decided not to tempt fate by introducing a K-13.

Starting point of the Genom Trophy Rally, in Gaiarth.

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