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Ueno Zoo
Mega Tokyo's zoo, where a panda was successfully cloned in November 2027.

Uisu Laboratory
Genom-owned lab where Dr Katsuhito Stingray was working on the night he was killed. The lab was destroyed by an explosion and subsequent fire.

These three monstrous machines were built by Largo in 2034 to destroy the Knight Sabers. In their human form, they were clones of Largo; transformed, they became huge death machines, equipped with a massive array of weapons and protected by Largo's AI, which meant Nene's sensors were unable to scan for weaknesses. Despite this, the Knight Sabers still got the upper hand, until the ultraboomers attempted to fuse with the Sabers' hardsuits - and their occupants. It was not until Sylia finally destroyed Largo that Nene was able to break through the AI's shielding, and the ultraboomers were then quickly finished off.

Underground Development Plan
A combined scheme of government and industry to make better use of Mega Tokyo's limited space by developing underground arcologies. Geo City, opened in 2034, was the first.

Unit 7
Police vehicle stolen by a group of 33-S boomers attempting to flee the Genaros space station.

Unit 10
SDPC pursuit unit aboard the Genaros space station.

Unit 303
SDPC pursuit unit aboard the Genaros space station.

Unit 401
SDPC pursuit unit aboard the Genaros space station.

Term used by AD Police officials to describe the politicians who issue orders to the force.

Used Booma
A shop operated by a Rippertech in District 7. Deals in stolen goods, and as such is a target for ADP investigations.

Japan's branch of the space defence forces, headed until his resignation by Commander Schwarz. USSD Japan is part of a worldwide space defence organisation, the United Nations Strategic Space Defence Forces, aka Air & Space Defence Force.

USSD Gate Guard
On watch at Gate 2 when Sylia and Nene arrive at the USSD headquarters to discuss a job with Commander Schwarz. If his observational skills and reaction times are typical of USSD as a whole, it's little wonder the organisation is in trouble.

Submachine gun, or a replica thereof, used for paintball games at Survival Shot.

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