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Yamada, Mr
Genom executive sent to America to negotiate a contract with Gulf & Bradley to develop a new boomer. He was killed in an attack by the GD-42 mecha.

Yamada, Noriyoshi
ADP support officer. There's a very slight possibility he might be related to the above.

Yamazaki, Linna
DOB: 20 October 2012
Height: 176cm/5'8"
The only fully Japanese member of the Knight Sabers, Linna was, like Priss, orphaned in the 2025 earthquake - her parents were not killed by the quake itself, but by an out-of-control boomer in the aftermath. She overcame this tragedy with the help of her naturally optimistic personality and drive, although who looked after her in this period is unknown [she lived with a foster family].
Linna, a natural athlete and performer, joined the Knight Sabers following a failed audition for a dance troupe, of which Sylia was a member of the judging panel [Sylia rigged the judging so that Linna would lose, so that she could approach her for her own purposes]. As well as displaying an acrobatic skill in combat that none of the other Knight Sabers could hope to match, Linna employed her talents as an aerobics teacher, although the limited income this afforded was starting to cramp her lifestyle towards the end of 2033. In 2034, she changed careers and started off in an initially successful role as a trader at the Amarok Stock Company, where she took advantage of her position to engage in a little illegal insider dealing, although she quit when her shares crashed as a result of the actions of the Illegal Army. She joined another company soon after, however, unable to resist the call of cash.
Linna has an astute financial sense, which she sometimes allows to overcome her, resulting in endless whingeing about money. She is also something of a fashion victim, and works her way through boyfriends at a rate which horrifies Nene in particular. However, all of this apparent superficiality cannot hide the fact that Linna is in some ways the most caring and sympathetic of the Knight Sabers. She helps Irene after her fiance is killed, and later manages to persuade Reika to step back from the abyss by rejecting a life as the leader of a criminal organisation.
Linna enjoys baiting Nene (and vice versa), but although the two would be unlikely to admit it, they care a great deal for each other. She owns a succession of minicars.

TV news anchorman, surname unknown.

City south of Tokyo, which has now been absorbed into Mega Tokyo itself.

Yokohama Bayside Hall
A concert venue that has played host to the likes of Carl Baker.

Yokohama Cemetary
Hilltop graveyard overlooking Tokyo Bay. The graves of Irene Chang and Dr Haynes are here.

Yokohama Docks
Large container port and warehouse area. Reika Chang's hideout was here.

Yoshida, Dr Miriam
A brilliant technician at Ebisu, a Genom subsidiary, who thought he was under-rated by his superiors and so set out to prove his worth by creating boomers that could outfight the Knight Sabers. He very nearly succeeded, but his creations were eventually destroyed and he was arrested by the ADP.

Dr Yoshida's boomers
Miriam created four boomers, each one designed to take on one specific member of the Knight Sabers. Three are tough combat units, the fourth a fusion-capable model intended to take on Nene on her own ground - electronic warfare.
The boomers were constructed using data obtained from more normal boomers that Miriam sacrificed in order to learn how the Knight Sabers fought, and could probably have outmatched the group's hardsuits. Luckily, Sylia had recently completed an upgrade programme, so after a difficult battle through the AD Police building, the boomers were eliminated.

Yuri, Dr
Dr Stingray's other assistant, Yuri was widely assumed to be the one to take over his research, and he became embittered when Dr Haynes was the one to make the breakthrough in AI research that led to the creation of Adama.
Yuri was working for Largo in an attempt to secure the AI, and was responsible for the deaths of Haynes and his team when he stole the prototype boomer. However, Yuri had his own plans for Adama, intending to transplant the AI into his EM-302 combat boomer. He was killed by Sylia when he tried to shoot her.
Yuri apparently had plastic surgery on his ears sometime between 2022 and 2032, giving them pointed tips.

Yuri's Hit Squad
Five unpleasant C-series boomers, used by Dr Yuri to assassinate Dr Haynes and his staff and steal Adama. The boomers were later sent to hunt down Adama after his escape, but were all either destroyed by Priss or rendered harmless by Adama.

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