Bubblegum Crisis A2Z - D

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Drug used to stimulate the brain functions of the cyborgised Billy Fernwood.

German industrial company, who produced the MF-405 experimental combat suit for the EC.

Databank Room
Sylia's inner sanctum at her apartment. In it, she can access data through a direct neural interface. Brian J Mason has a similar room. The interface works through precision electromagnetic stimulation of neurons, the arrays being housed in three units that surround the head.

Data Control Room
Section of the ADP building where Nene once had to report.

Computer disk containing technical and repair details of the 33-S boomer. Kept at the Genom Corporate Research Centre.

VR interface for more powerful computers, where an image is projected onto the inside of the glasses, rather than a screen, like a HUD. Used in conjunction with a dataglove.

Part of a VR interface used on more powerful computers, working in conjunction with dataglasses. Nene found her hacking helped by these.

Data Storage
Room in the ADP building where backups of all the force's data are kept on robust data units.

Data Unit
Computer mass-storage device sent by Dr Katsuhito Stingray to his daughter Sylia after his death. It contained information on Genom's plans, boomers and details of how to construct a hardsuit, amongst other things. Curiously, Sylia's data unit was numbered '2' - so who has DU1?

Day Time Times
On-line newspaper.

Codename for a type of flight-capable transforming battlemover. The DD possessed artificial intelligence, meaning it could continue fighting even if its operator was killed or disabled. Equipped with a quad-barrel Vulcan cannon, multiple missile launchers and J-1 control system for the AI, which also detonated a micro-neutron bomb if the machine ran out of power in combat. It could transform between a humanoid form and an animal-like 'beast mode' for rough terrain.
The DD could be modified to operate with S-series boomers, which gave the operator far more efficient control than any human could manage. However, this also sometimes resulted in instability - the machine could run out of control.

Dead Teck Desert
Barren stretch of the Genom Trophy Rally. Home to the Mega-Eater Beast.

Deep Psychology Scanner
Unexplained piece of Genom kit, presumably some kind of brain activity probe capable of translating brain and memory functions into readable data. It is possibly a SQUID device that detects impulses in the part of the brain responsible for subvocalisation.

Defensive Wall
Four-layer barricade of specially reinforced concrete and steel, divided into bulkheads, protecting the Tokyo Atomic Plant. In theory, it can resist even a nuclear strike. In theory.

Vocalist of a band Nene likes. Apparently, he "hits her spot". Arf arf! Nene and Naoko had tickets to see the band in late December 2033.

Department Of Defense
The US military. They have apparently overcome their 'not invented here' bias and are buying military hardware from abroad, such as the GD-42 combat mecha, and have thus also apparently overcome their 'don't buy hardware from front corporations for criminal organisations' bias as well.

Deputy Commander of USSD
Schwarz's second-in-command, the Deputy Commander helped convince the Knight Sabers to stay after USSD's spy camera was discovered.

Hand-held device capable of picking up the EM signature of a boomer from some distance.

1: The Japanese parliament. As it is based in Mega Tokyo, its approval is required to deploy K-series armoured troopers on the streets.
2: Something Nene claimed she was on when she patently wasn't.

Dieork was Leon's first ADP squad commander, and at time was separated from his wife. Wounded in a firefight with an experimental ADP cyborg in 2027. Born 1985.

Digital Camera
Lisa Vanette's replacement for her beloved Canon T-201. Although less capable, it still helped her get her first scoop... as well as the one which she actually sold to the papers. The camera uses a removable disk to store pictures.

Disc Letter
Money-saving international postal service which allows the sender to record a short video clip onto disc for the recipient to play.

Discovery Hotel
Large establishment with a decent restaurant.

Japanese branch of the Disney media empire, built on wholesome, saccharine family fun and total control of its public image.

District 2
Area of Mega Tokyo where Genom were carrying out urban renewal.

District 3
Part of Tinsel City, it contains 246th Street and Point K. The Ladys 633 building is situated here, as the ADP building and Genom Tower. It also has a large number of old apartment blocks.
NB: the close proximity of Genom Tower, Ladys 633, Tinsel City and Sho's apartment is inconsistent with the map in the B-Club Special and RPG, unless District 3 is a very large area.

District 4
Area of the city which is home to several banks, one of which was robbed by the Illegal Army.

District 6
Home of an SDPC warehouse, used as a cover story for the boomers that actually fled Genaros in 2028. SDPC didn't want anyone to think that their security in orbit had been compromised. The area also played host to the Genom Building and the Sun Tower Hotel.

District 7
Area of Mega Tokyo. Dr Yuri's lab is located here, as is the Rippertech's shop.

District 8
Area in which a battle boomer went on the rampage on November 4th 2027.

District 9
A C-series combat boomer escaped the ADP and entered this area of the city. It houses 42nd Street.

District 10
Area searched by the Knight Sabers for Cynthia.

District 11
Area searched by the Knight Sabers for Cynthia.

District 12
Area searched by the Knight Sabers for Cynthia.

District 14
Scene of a battle between the ADP and a C-series combat boomer. 104th Street is in this area.

District 17
City area where a firefight that began in District 8 spread to in 2027.

District 18
Home to a robot shop robbed by Armstrong's boomers in 2028. The owner was killed in the raid.

District 34
Adjoining District 14, this was the scene of a battle between the ADP and a C-series combat boomer.

DJ Tommy
Max Headroom-style computer generated newsreader.

Exceptionally powerful and unpleasant battle boomers, the Doberman units were actually banned from operating on Earth for being too dangerous. They were used by SPDC security forces aboard the Genaros space station. Armament includes a mouth blaster, lasers and heavy machine guns. They can operate in zero gravity and vacuum, and are tough enough to survive a blast from a space shuttle booster.

Dream Island
Scene of a boomer incident investigated by Leon and his squad on December 17th 2033.

Drinkwater, Mr
TV news reporter.

Outdoor cinema, used mainly by young couples as a place to engage in hanky-panky away from the home. It was used by Fargo as a meeting place with Sylia, and at the time was showing Vision's first film.

Dump Site
Part of the fault line under a wrecked double-deck flyover, where a battle took place between the Knight Sabers and a C-series combat boomer.

C-series combat boomer despatched by Brain J Mason to protect Alex-01 from the attentions of Armstrong. Unfortunately, D-23 was absorbed by Armstrong's fusion ability.

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