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Linna's number at the failed dance audition that led to her joining the Knight Sabers.

16 Tokyo Daytimes
On-line newspaper.

19 E-11/E-12
Section on the 19th floor of the ADP building. Nene was trapped here, and attacked by one of Dr Yoshida's boomers.

Number of a portakabin unit used by Reika Chang to hold Linna captive at Yokohama Docks.

The Genom employee number of 'Milly Jackson', alias Anri.

25 1/2
Priss's shoe size. (Honest! It's shown on screen!)

3-D Artist
One of Linna's ex-boyfriends planned on becoming one of these. He didn't last long.

33-S sexaroid boomer
Sexaroids are more human in form than most other boomers, being largely organic with few mechanical components. They were created to serve essentially as sex objects, and display more complex emotions than other types of boomer [to help them predict their owners' desires more efficiently].
The 33-S series was banned following complications that arose when C-series components were implanted into them in an attempt to integrate them into advanced weapons systems, although the very human-like nature of the machines makes them difficult to pick out, meaning some are still in operation . Off Earth, and probably on it in the world of the super-wealthy, 33-S boomers are still used by the powerful as status symbols and harems. Kaufman had a number of 33-S boomers aboard Genaros, although this backfired when a group led by Sylvie fled the station to Earth.
33-S boomers are usually maintenance free, although a major limitation is in their use of an artificial blood system - if damaged, they are unable to produce replacement blood themselves. Human blood can be used as a substitute, but this can only work as a stopgap until the damage is repaired, a complex procedure. Since the 33-S was officially withdrawn, Genom keeps technical information pertaining to their repair only at secure locations.

55-C combat boomer
Genom's best-selling boomer is a recurring nemesis of the Knight Sabers and AD Police, being able to disguise itself as a normal human for infiltration work before enlarging itself [through a combination of chemical expansion of its artificial muscles and internally concealed armour plating] and shedding its human skin to attack. It comes in male and female models, and is usually equipped with a mouth- mounted blaster, laser arrays built into the chest and retractable blades set in the arms and hands. Laser and automatic weapons can be fitted in the forearms. Some versions also have limited fusion capabilities, being able to absorb electronic and mechanical systems. They can fly nap-of-earth using their thruster units, and have a wide range of sensors, including infra-red, thermal and motion tracking.
The C-series boomers have limited artificial intelligence - they are able to answer questions, and display a certain amount of (albeit aggressive) personality, although complex planning is beyond them. They are built for combat and bodyguard duties, nothing more. Quincy used C-series boomers as his personal guard, at least until the incident with Largo. C-series boomers are able to 'eat' and 'drink' in order to fit in with humans when needed; some units have acquired a taste for imported lager.

Number of the Mini-pato entered by Nene and Linna in the Genom Trophy Rally.

Number of a truck belonging to the Clean Up company, stolen by the Illegal Army.

The model of Priss's motorbike, registration P-02. The make is unknown, but it is unlikely to be a Genom product.

The number of Nene's ADP notebook computer.

The registration number of Priss's Kawasaki GPZ1000R motorbike, which she owned by late 2033. This was also the bike on which she was busted for speeding by Nene.

Nene's AD Police badge number.

3rd Street Quarter
Part of Yokohama Chinatown, where Linna and Irene were attacked by boomers.

26th Street
Location of a steakhouse where Priss and Leon had a meal. Five years earlier, the same street also saw a boomer rampage.

42nd Street
Street in District 9, running north-south. A boomer attempted to make a getaway along it.

104th Street
Scene of a rampage committed by a C-series boomer.

246th Street
Road in District 3, where a Bu-12B engaged in battle with the ADP.

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