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Company with an office building in Mega Tokyo. The Royal Automobile Club might have expanded into foreign markets by 2032...

Race Queen Girls
A bevvy of beauties waiting to present the winner of the Genom Trophy Rally with his or her prize. They are 33-S sexaroid boomers, from the same production runs as Sylvie and Anri.

Rad Out
Ground floor shop in the Perche building.

1: Powerful electromagnetic weapon firing metal spikes at enormous velocity. Fitted in the right arm of Priss Asagiri's hardsuit, and in twin shoulder- mounted pods in her Evolution 2 suit.
2: Heavy anti-boomer rifle used by Leon McNichol, known as the 'stomach'.

Raven, Dr
An old friend of Sylia's family, Dr Raven now runs a garage in the recently redeveloped fault line that bisects Mega Tokyo [with financial assistance from Sylia, as the garage also houses the Knight Sabers' training facility]. His overalls proclaim that he has a Nobel prize for science, but there is no evidence to confirm or deny this.
Sylia has a respectful friendship with Dr Raven, while Priss has a rather more irreverent one, calling him "Jisan". Raven lets Mackie help out at the garage. He was also a friend of J B Gibson, who used to bring his Griffon to Raven for servicing.
It is possible that Dr Raven was involved with bringing up Sylia and Mackie after their parents' deaths (Sylia certainly puts an enormous amount of trust in him) but this is only supposition.

Raven's Garage
Repair garage run by Dr Raven, situated in the fault line. Also used as a testing range for the Knight Sabers.

Raven Special
High-octane fuel of dubious legality, mixed by Dr Raven for special clients such as Priss Asagiri.

R-Cast 18
High performance disc brakes for motorbikes.

Red Art
Establishment near the Discovery Hotel.

Reflex Speed
One of Sylia's assessment categories in the combat chamber. Linna scored an excellent 8.25, while Nene could only manage a dismal 4.8.

Repair Group 1
Genom-owned demolition and construction company, involved in the rebuilding of Mega Tokyo following the 2025 quake.

The backing band of Priss Asagiri. A four-man group (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums). Priss sacked them in 2034 when she decided to go solo.

In boomer terms, the recycling of a brain after the original body has been scrapped or destroyed. Generally illegal, as the process can result in 'trauma' for the brain and lead to insanity.

Resuscitation Workshop
Jeena Malso visited a number of the less-legal of these, hunting for clues about the boomer that killed officer Allis. The owner of the workshop responsible tried to kill Jeena with a boomer, but failed.

One of F G Frederick's boomers.

Revengers, The
Vision's backing band as of 2033. Songs included 'Say Yes' and 'Never The End'. A four- piece group.

Richbelt Terra
Exclusive New York apartment building at 1107 Broadway. Reika Chang lived in suite 1401.

Slang name for a serial killer who terrorised the Paradise Loop in 2027.

A sleazy and crooked man who makes a living dealing in stolen boomers, often breaking them up for parts to make their origin harder to trace. He bought Adama from some street punks for 1,700 credits [yen?], intending to strip down the expensive experimental boomer, but was interrupted by the arrival of Leon and Daley from the ADP.
The Rippertech's past is even less pleasant - in 2027, he was one of a gang of cyberpunks who raped and killed Caroline Ebarche.

Establishment in the Perche building.

Road Chaser
Turbo version of the standard police pursuit vehicle, used by ADP officers. Leon and Daley entered the Genom Trophy Rally in one, somehow managing to scrape in sixth despite the car having been hit by a shot from a planet destruction cannon!

Roast Leg Of Lamb In Orange Sauce
One of Linna's menu choices if someone else is getting the bill.

Rocket Cannon
Powerful rifle-like weapon carried by Priss's Typhoon motoroid, firing 88mm RPG rounds. The recoil is sufficient to blow the entire motoroid back several inches, so the damage it does to a target is easy to imagine.

Age-old game of luck. Linna and Nene had their own codes, meaning they could always cheat a third player.

Romanova, Nene
DOB: 31 August 2014
Height: 156cm/5'1"
As well as being a member of the Knight Sabers, Nene also works for the AD Police in a number of support roles, including data operations, traffic control and general secretarial duties. This inside access, combined with her skills at computer hacking, gives her (and the Knight Sabers) access to an enormous amount of anti-boomer information. Although she is at first contemptuous of the ADP's inability to tackle the boomer problem, after two years with them she ends up defending the organisation to Priss. She joined the Knight Sabers after being the only person to successfully decode a very complex computer- based advert placed by Sylia.
Nene has hacked into a number of official databases in order to make herself three years older on her records. She has yet to have a romantic relationship, although she would very much like one, and has a teenager's interest in unusual sexual practices. She seems to be quite close to Mackie Stingray, although there is little to indicate they are anything more than 'just good friends'. Hotheaded and easily offended (especially by Linna), she tends to overeat, and can't resist sweets. Her vehicle of choice is a moped.
Her parents live elsewhere in the city, and her closest friend outside the Knight Sabers is Naoko, her collegue at the AD Police. She struck up a friendship (strained, at first) with aspiring photojournalist Lisa Vanette in December 2033.
Nene is a poor shot and not especially skilled in combat, instead operating as a kind of walking AWACS, giving the other Knight Sabers vital battle information while preventing their enemies from obtaining it. She has struggled to improve her fighting skills, and has at the least gained confidence from her efforts, to the point where she is starting to get a little cocky in battle. When the Illegal Army terrorise the city in 2034, it is Nene who tries to get the Knight Sabers back together to fight them.

Romanova, Mr and Mrs
Nene's parents are both still alive, unlike those of the other Knight Sabers. Mrs Romanova is a redhead, like her daughter; nothing is known about Mr Romanova.
The Romanovas were strict parents - their restrictive rules were what led Nene to move out of her home as soon as she could, although they apparently like to keep an eye on her, her mother phoning up some mornings to make sure her daughter isn't late for work.

What Daley Wong has tattooed on his right arm.

Route 12
Bus route that stops outside USSD headquarters.

Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum
Leon's alternate choice of gun when he isn't using his Earth Shaker. The Redhawk has one feature not possessed by the Earth Shaker - it can be used to fire grenades, using a muzzle attachment.

Rumenka Mupata Combo
A band that played Mega Tokyo in late June 2033.

Road joining Tokyo-Yokohama No 5 to Aqua City.

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